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The Top 8 Best Acrylic French Tip Nails Designs

Acrylic French Tip Nails Style Design

Curious to know the top acrylic French tip nails designs? French Tips are one of the most loved nail styles of most girls, don’t you agree? It brings no wonder why ladies would like to pair it with their outfits and fashion with the simple yet sophisticated style. For the most part, french tips are very easy and hassle-free to manage. 

If you’re one of those girls who are about to go somewhere and currently to which french tips would fit you. We’ve got some acrylic french tip nails ideas for you. Of course, nothing beats classic and sexy french tips with more styles added to them. Are you excited about it? See more details on french tips below. 

What are French Tip Nails?

French tip nails are usually manicured with white polish across the tip of the nails contrasting with a clear pale polish below. Surprisingly, although the name suggests “French,” the style did not come from France. Jeff Pink created the Usual white bands across the tips of fingernails in 1975. By that time, he was the CEO of Orly International and worked as an American beauty supplier in Hollywood. 

Now, as you know, 46 years later, the French tip has still been used as a great option for putting the design on every girl’s nails. Thus, there have been tons of new designs that emerge right now in the fashion industry beyond its style. But, ultimately, there were specific styles for special occasions like Christmas, New Year, Halloween, or a simple celebration with your loved ones. 

If you go all through these acrylic french tip nails styles, you may have been confused about the best among the rest. We fully understand that kind of struggle, so we’re here to give out simple yet sexy acrylic french tip nails all for you.

Acrylic French Tip Nails Style Design

French Tip Nails Ideas & Designs

See all these french tip nail designs and ideas you can try at home or with your friends. Choose out the best style that you think will go with your personality! 

Ombre French Manicure

Gone are the days where simple is in. So, why not go extra and do some color combination with those acrylic french tips nails? Most girls have transitioned to mixing nail polish colors with their french tip style. 

This gorgeous twist on the signature acrylic french tips nails has become one of the crowd’s favorites ever since the new era. But, many ladies agreed that it is best suited when pastel nail polish colors are used. 

Glitter Accent French Tip Nails

Since many girls went extra with the ombre style, why not let your ring nail stand out? With many nail polish styles invented these days, you may have thought of mixing a glitter accent with your acrylic french tip nail. 

This twist on the signature french tip gives out a perfect and festive look for glamour and formal events with your friends and colleagues. In addition, you can finish off your glitter accent nail with a topcoat, making it more favorable and unique. 

Acrylic French Tip Nails with a Gold Tip

A french tip nail with a gold tip is one that you could never reject. The stunning style had struck many ladies with its classic yet luxurious look. These gold tip french tip nails would be best to wear at your work or school at such formal gatherings and parties. 

Surely, you’ll nail this kind of style even at your prom or after-party graduation! Either way, you can try having some different designs other than gold. Why not go for silver or bronze the next time? 

A Dash of Diamond & Beads

This acrylic french tip style goes beyond what you can do when you’re designing your nails. Beads and diamonds are one of the best add ons that you can combine with your french tip nail styles. 

For a sassier and girly look, these beads would go with your outfit. However, French tips nails with diamonds and beads are best suited to put on if you’re tying the knot with your soon-to-be husband any day!

Black French Tip Nails

Who says nobody can go punk and gothic? If you feel it’s getting “dark,” you can replace the signature acrylic french tip from white to black. This kind of style will best suit you during Halloween occasions, helping you match with your chosen outfit for the night! 

Besides, this nail style is still best to go on a sophisticated and classic look perfectly suited for any Gatsby theme occasion. 

Go Wild with Red

Accordingly, you can also replace the usual french tip from white to red. This kind of nail style gives out hot and sexier vibes best for special occasions. You can also try this out during valentine’s day, as you celebrate your day with your life partner. 

Reverse French Tip Nail Style

This unique style enables you to nail out a different kind of french tip nail. Instead of putting a clear nail polish as your base, you can choose other colors of your own choice and add the white tip on the end. 

Also, instead of putting a white line on the tip, some girls would rather put it out somewhere near the edge. The result still perfectly looks good, adding up extra sophisticated vibes on your aura. 

Glitter Tip French Tip Nails

Like the glitter accent, the glitter tip french tip nails go with this kind of look. However, instead of putting a white line on the edge, glitter is replaced for a more dashing look. This gives out a more feminine or girlish style, which is best to have during simple occasions and gatherings. 

What’s more, is that it is simple to make! You can start by painting your nails with the signature french tip manicure and top it up with a glitter coating, and you’re good to go! 

Acrylic French Tip Nails Style Designs

Acrylic French Tip Nails

These are only some of the best acrylic french tip nail styles and designs you can try during special events and locations. You, too, can try to explore on your own and design the best nail style that you think will suit you. 

Either way, the signature french tip nails encourage you to bring a sophisticated, sexy, and confident look whenever you’re attending important gatherings and events. No wonder, no matter what kind of style that may be, you can surely nail it in no other way. 

But for us, the glitter accent or glitter tip french tip nails would perfectly be the best one. It does not only represent you being a simple woman, yet, it helps you unleash a bit of your feminine and elegant side. 

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