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Benefits of Cuticle Oil: Why You Should Apply It?

Benefits of Cuticle Oil

Let’s face it; we women always forget about the benefits of cuticle oil when we want to get our nails done. But did you know that applying cuticle oil comes with benefits that you will thank later? You will be shocked that nail issues could be solved when you include cuticle oil in your skin-care routine. In today’s article, you will know the common advantages of applying cuticle oil to your nails.

Do You Use Cuticle Oil Every day? 

Without regular and everyday care, your cuticles become damaged and dry. Your nails can be affected, too, especially when your hands and nails are exposed to the sun, water, or even cold weather every day. When these add up, it may create a nightmare for your nails and cuticles. 

However, when you apply cuticle oil every day, it could help stimulate the healthy growth of nails and promote strong nails. In addition, the cuticle oil will protect them from different elements that they are exposed to. Therefore, many recommend the use of cuticle oil every single day for the best results. 

How Often Should You Use Nail Cuticle Oil?

Experts say that we should apply cuticle oil at least 3x a day for us to have healthy cuticles. This is true, especially if you have worn-out and unhealthy cuticles, then you should apply cuticle oil whenever you wash your hands.

You will witness that you almost wash away both your skin’s moisturizer and the already applied cuticle oil every time you wash your hands. That said, it causes your cuticle to get dry. This is why you need to reapply it to always keep your nails and cuticles moisturized. 

When Should I Use Cuticle Oil? 

Cuticle oil does not only make your nails look good and healthy. In fact, you can use it on so many occasions. Whether you’re putting on nail polish or not, your nails will surely benefit from every drop of hydration. But, of course, you must always apply it overnight for best results, as it fully absorbs into your cuticles. 

You may also use cuticle oil every time you take a bath or wash your hands to avoid your cuticles from getting dry. However, you should also be aware of the limitations of applying cuticle oil because too much is not good and may cause irritation. 

 Is it Good to Push Your Cuticles Back? 

There’s nothing wrong when you want to push your cuticles back, as long as you do it the right way and without hurting your nails. When you push your cuticles back, you need to use a cuticle stick always to make your nails look longer while keeping the cuticle healthy. 

You have to know that before you attempt to push back the cuticles, you must soak your hands first in warm water so your cuticles will less likely break or get damaged. Your cuticles will become more malleable if you do it the right way. 

Benefits of Cuticle Oil

What are the Benefits of Cuticle Oil?

You probably hear a lot of things about cuticle oil, but you just forget to apply it. In this section, you will know the benefits when you apply cuticle oil. 

1. It strengthens and thickens nails

Have you observed that the sides of your nails tend to bend inwards when your nails get long? As a result, it looks narrower than they usually are, and perhaps you just think that this is how your nails normally grow. But little did you know, this happens when the nails are weak and thin. 

That’s where cuticle oil helps, as it heals rough cuticles. In addition, it helps your nail grow healthy because it is hydrating. It is also high in folate and silica, which is a great collagen production source to always strengthen and thicken the nails.

2. It moisturizes the nails and cuticles 

There’s no other product that moisturizes your nail and cuticles deeply other than cuticle oil. It gives circulation in your nail bed and promotes new healthy nail growth. It also repairs and protects the nail area from the cuticle to prevent cracking nails from happening.  

3. Cuticle oil is Anti-Microbial 

Cuticle oil is full of minerals that are antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. This is to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus that can hinder or prevent nail growth. Cuticle oils are like essential oils, as they can double the killing of bacteria. Plus, it always makes your hands look lovely and smell good all the time. 

4. Prevents Manicure Chips 

Are you tired of having chips days after applying a manicure on your nails? One of the best things about cuticle oil is the ability to make your manicure, especially the gel ones to last longer. When the base of your nails gets dry, the manicure or gel will start growing away from them. It dries quickly and may start to lift. 

If this happens, it will be hard to ignore the need to pick the chips or the lifted pieces off. It will not make your nails look good and presentable, plus it may lead to splitting and thinning. But if you apply a cuticle, it prevents manicure chips from happening. 

5. Helps your Nails Smell Better 

Have you noticed that the nails in your toes have that smell that stinks? It happens especially when you keep wearing closed shoes. And if you’re not into getting a foot spa and nail cleaning, the smell just keeps sticking to your toes. However, there is cuticle oil to prevent this smell from your toes, and it works well.

It makes your nails smell even better because cuticle oils have a high concentration of shea oil. It even helps to smooth the cuticles while it repairs the nail. As a result, your nails will look less brittle and softer. Yet, it turns out to be stronger while having that good smell. 

Benefits of Cuticle Oil


Getting your nails done is one of the best ways to pamper yourself. Cuticle oils aren’t just products to make your nails look fancy. It has a lot of benefits that we fail to know. With that, you would also include cuticle oil to always maintain healthy cuticles and nails. 

Cuticle oils are not just cuticle savior; it also softens and prevents hangnails from happening. That’s why it comes with a lot of benefits that you should consider. I hope you know the importance of applying cuticle oil to your nails. May you always have healthy and good-looking nails and maintain them with the help of cuticle oils. 

Benefits of Cuticle Oil

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