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5 Best Acrylic Powder: Everything You Need to Know

Best Acrylic Powder

For years, the Acrylic powder for nails has always been a staple and part of most nail salons. Some would even have acrylic powders formulated professionally to always achieve that manicure of yours onto the next level. So perhaps you’ve been thinking about having your nails done with, of course, acrylic powder.

That’s why in today’s blog, you will know what are the five best acrylic powders and everything you need to know about it. 

What is Good Acrylic Powder?

Acrylic Powder is a substance from which acrylic nails are made. It is usually mixed with the unique element of liquid or the polymer, making it more difficult to apply. But when it comes to a preferred acrylic powder, it will let you mix it easily with the acrylic liquid to develop sturdy acrylic nails. It’s going to harden without bubbles and unevenness. 

It is a dough-like structure that salon professionals apply to natural nails to make the nails longer, stronger, and thicker. There are different types of acrylic powder, and it differs in size—the particles of the powder range from one hundred twenty-five to twenty-five microns. And when the liquid and acrylic powder are combined, the result would be a nice blend without having undissolved particles or lumps. 

You’re going to have many options, but do note that acrylic products come in different pigments to achieve different colors and patterns. And when you start with acrylic powder, you should know that you would always get the ones that are very easy to achieve. It’s even a smart idea that you choose to have it in colorless or nude to conceal the polish. 

Furthermore, the price of acrylic powder for nails is cheaper and more affordable than the usual products used by salon professionals. It could also protect your nails temporarily and improve your appearance. 

Best Acrylic Powder

What are the Advantages of Powdered Nails? 

Everyone in this world, especially women, would wish to have the most stunning nails. However, some people would think it will not help, especially if you have damaged or cracked nails. So here are the benefits you will get when you apply acrylic powder to your nails. 

  • Acrylic powders to nails are more attractive than just your natural nails. This is because they have a uniform shape and length, depending on your preference and taste. 
  • You can also have many choices for the decoration, and you can have your design too. 
  • Nails with acrylic powders are more bendable, sturdy, resistant, and prevent possible cracking of your natural nails. It’s ideal for women who have brittle and weak nails. 
  • The nails with acrylic powder will no longer use the UV lamp to dry. The powder would just dry out quickly, especially when it’s mixed with monomer. 
  • Long-lasting and remains neat, stylish, and good-looking nails. It could last up to 8 weeks when maintained properly. 
  • Acrylic Powder to nails is very easy to apply. Therefore, it saves time when applying nail polish. 

Is Acrylic Powder Bad for Your Nails? 

Acrylic Nails are, of course, considered artificial nails that stick to the surface of natural nails. Therefore, it must be filed thoroughly until it feels and gets rough. So despite having the benefits, there are also some disadvantages that you need to consider. 

  • It could make your natural nails look thinner and make them weaker. If you frequently touch your nails up, it may damage your nails, especially if acrylic powder to nails were not applied properly. 
  • It requires proper maintenance, which can be painful at times. 
  • You need to visit the salon more often and wear protective gloves when you need to use cleaning products or anything that might damage it. That said, it would cost you a lot if you keep visiting the salon. 
  • Can cause serious nail infections that are hard to eliminate and cure when poorly handled. 
  • The quality of your natural nails would be decreased or weak if the acrylic nails were not removed properly. 
Best Acrylic Powder

5 Best Acrylic Powders: Highly Recommended by Nails Professionals 

Now that you know some of the advantages and benefits and outweigh the cons, perhaps you would want to choose acrylic powder for your needs. Here’s the top 5 best acrylic powder developed that are high-quality and proven safe for the nails. 

1. Mia Secret Clear Acrylic Powder

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/28/2023 12:01 am GMT

First on the list is Mia Secret Clear Acrylic Powder. It gives a perfect activation time and constancy for the nails. Many would vouch that this acrylic powder is long-lasting and provides very good adhesion. In addition, it is made with a self-leveling and non-yellowing formula that needs only a minimum filing. 

The healing period would be fine because it gives enough time to work on its own. Furthermore, it also varies on the weather. When it’s humid or raining, it would only take a little slower. However, if it’s dry or windy, the setting will be quick and easy. 


  • Very good consistency since the product is fine and smooth 
  • Easy to use even for beginners 
  • Ideal for encapsulation since it’s not cloudy 
  • Works with any nail set 
  • Very easy to blend and file 

2. Modelones Clear Nail Acrylic Powder 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/30/2023 12:06 am GMT

The Acrylic Nail Powder from Modelones is known for its very good consistency. You will like its easy-to-apply features, and you can use it in creating crystal effects and some unique styles. It was made from a special formula with special manufacturing skills. Also, it could last for about two-three weeks even if there is no UV lamp used. 

Furthermore, the Modelones Clean Nail Acrylic Powder is healthy for your nails. It’s also very durable since it can produce a protective layer to make your natural nails tough. So with this acrylic powder, your nails would be better and healthier. 

3. Young Nails Acrylic Powder 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/29/2023 12:11 am GMT

This Acrylic Powder from Young Nails is a professional-grade acrylic powder. It works in your nails like you had it done in a salon. In addition, the Young Nails Acrylic Powder has its professional nail care enhancement products, which is believed to be vital in applying acrylic nail systems. 

It gives a perfect complement to the acrylic nail liquid and produces perfect consistency with very good adhesion when combined and used together. You can have perfect self-leveling, fast setting, and average viscosity. Furthermore, it comes with about 19 various styles and four different sizes that would meet your needs for professional nail improvement. 

4. Lavender Violets Quick-Drying Dip Powder 

Next up is the quick-drying set that comes in 36 pure colored jars and glitter powders. It saves time when you apply it because, unlike any regular dip powder procedures for a manicure, the Lavender Violets Quick-Drying Dip Powder dries in just about 30 seconds on its own. Again, you don’t have to use an activator for this, making you save time. 

This formula comes with extra fine powder, as it dries fast and leaves a smooth finish and no bubbles at all for complete coverage of nail colors. It could last up to three weeks, especially if you applied it carefully and properly. Furthermore, you can mix it with different powders if you prefer to develop personalized nail art. 

Also, you will not need a nail lamp since this one is quick drying. That said, it saves 25% of your nail operating time, and it avoids damaging and having black skin. It’s going to be ideal for beginners and salons since it uses eco-friendly material. It’s more resistant to cracking and chipping. It makes your nails look more stunning and stylish, knowing that the formula made the powder extra fine. 

5. Karlash Professional Acrylic Powder 

The Acrylic Powder from Karlash is known for its bubble-free polymers, formulated by experts, that offer extraordinary clarity. It provides a smooth self-leveling finish that is ideal for all seasons. It can be used during cold or warm climates. It’s also non-yellowing, and it has lift resistance because of its long-lasting and sturdy adhesion. 

Furthermore, it’s going to be compatible and works with all acrylic liquid systems. So it would be easy for you to work with this, even if you used it for a different brand of monomer. That said, this acrylic powder for nails would be highly recommended even if you’re a beginner. 

Difference Between White, Pink, and Colored Acrylic Powder 

There is always a wide array of acrylic powder in the market today. The colored acrylic powder is used through a combination to come up with a different look on the clear nails. 

One example of combining colored acrylic powder is the white and pink nails. The white acrylic powder is used for the tips of the nails. At the same time, pink acrylic powder is used on the nail beds. This application style would make strong and long-lasting French tip nails.

The clear acrylic powder, on the other hand, will give your nail a beautiful transparent look. You can also use it for mixing it with colored powders to have a more transparent appearance. If people can see your nails, they can’t help but say wow to it. 

Best Acrylic Powder

Procedure in Applying Acrylic Powder to Your Nails 

Application of acrylic powder to nails would be tricky. But, this is where you know if the acrylic powder can make or break your nails. To have a successful process, here is a step-by-step procedure you can follow. 

  • First Step: The preparation process 

Preparing your nails would be the first step when you apply acrylic powder. If you have nail polish in your nails, you must remove it using acetone first. A nail professional must check the condition of your nails first to ensure that the procedure would be advisable and if your natural nails can handle acrylic nails. 

However, if they see that your nails are too brittle and weak, you will need to return them to their optimal state before you continue with the application process. 

  • Second Step: Decide where you to apply acrylic powder 

Whether it’s nail tips or natural nails, you need to decide where you want to apply the acrylic powder. If you want it to be your nail tips, then there must be a new step to the process. That is in applying the tips before continuing to work with the acrylic powder. 

  • Third Step: Primer and bond are a Must 

Next, it involves removing the shine on each nail plate and applying the primer or bond. These are necessary to stop the lifting once the application is made. 

  • Fourth Step: Choosing the design 

This is the part where you choose what design you like best among the countless options. You can choose the color you want, whether you want to have it in mood effects, glitters, or glow acrylic. 

Perhaps you also want to match the natural shades of your lipstick and eyeshadow or makeup that you use daily. You may also want to blend different powders to develop a beautiful nail appearance that is very trendy these days. Once you made your choice, the jars where the powder is kept must be rolled to disperse the powder properly. 

  • Fifth Step: Use of monomer 

The nail professional or you will decide if you want to go for a DIY option. This will need a brush that is being dipped into the monomer. In this part, you will need all the liquid at the end of the brush before it’s being laid gently on the surface of the acrylic powder that you chose. 

It’s also very important to note that the amount of powder that there is on the brush must be enough for your nails. It should be applied with only one bead. In doing this, you need to go from the cuticle to the end of your nail. 

During the process, tap and spread the powder very carefully and slowly. This will enable better application and to retain and decrease the fillings and maintenance later on. 

  • Sixth Step: Drying of nails

Like what was mentioned earlier, the application of acrylic powder to nails will not require you to have a UV lamp. It will dry completely on its own. And to make sure that the powder is dry, you have to check if there is a clicking sound on your nails when you tap it with a brush. 

  • Seventh Step: Finishing up 

When the acrylic powder nails get dry, a layer of polish topcoat is applied to end the process. 

Best Acrylic Powder

Proper Removal of Acrylic Powders

Proper removal of acrylic powder from your nails is crucial and must be done carefully. This is to avoid damaging your natural nails. It requires sound knowledge and better skill. Here is a procedure that you need to follow for the successful removal of acrylic powder. 

  • Step 1: Warming of acetone 

One of the common practices for both amateurs and professionals is using warm acetone in soaking and removing acrylic nails. In warming the acetone, you need to put the bottle under hot water for a few seconds. 

  • Step 2: Cutting of nails

If you have acrylic powder applied to the tips of your nails, it must be cut and must be brought to a shorter length before continuing with the process. 

  • Step 3: Removing Acrylic nails 

Next, use warm acetone to soften your hard acrylic nails. Prepare cotton balls and soak them into the warm acetone. Apply them to your nails and wrap each nail in foil. Leave it with foil for about half an hour. 

You should note that under no circumstances must you use other strategies in warming it since acetone is flammable. However, any improper procedure might cause serious consequences. 

  • Step 4: Removing of foil 

Once you remove the foil, your nails should be wiped with cotton balls. Later you will realize that your acrylic nails come off with it. 

  • Step 5: Finishing up 

Now you’re almost finished. If there are remnants left, you can use a buffer to remove them easily. That said, your nails would be ready for a new look for the next acrylic powder application. 

Things to Consider in Choose the Right Acrylic Powder

When shopping for the best acrylic powder, you must know enough about its key qualities. You might also want to inquire about your nail technician and ask for advice before purchasing one, especially since there are many variants available on the market. They have already tried and tested the products with their previous customers, so their opinion matters. 

Here are some of the considerations you need to consider when you want to buy acrylic powder. 

  • When purchasing acrylic powder to apply and use, you must evaluate if it’s easy to apply. You also need to know its color stability, flexibility, durability, and retention. 
  • If you’re applying acrylic powder to your nails in the winter, you must opt for powder resistance to low temperatures and cold weather. This is to prevent getting your nails cracked and easily get damaged. 
  • You must also consider the prices when getting acrylic nails done. On average, this treat to yourself will cost you between $55 to $75. 
  • Lastly, you need to remember that each filling would be a new cost and a significant cut to your budget. That’s why you need to plan and decide if it’s worth it and if it fits your needs. 
Best Acrylic Powder

Key Takeaway 

Now that you know the best acrylic powder in the market, I hope you have already determined what’s going to be best for your needs. Choose a product that provides a high-quality and very good result for your nails. 

We hope you find this article very helpful in deciding whether it’s best to have it for your nails. In the end, it’s always how it makes you feel good for yourself. Having great and enhanced nails will help you in boosting your confidence. That said, acrylic powder for your nails is going to be worth the try. 

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