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Does Gel Polish Go Bad Or Expire? How To Make It Last

Does Gel Polish Go Bad Or Expire? How To Make It Last

Have you ever been disappointed by a polish that turned out to be clumpy or too thick? Have you noticed your nails looking dull, brittle and dry after wearing the same color for a few weeks? We answer the question; Does Gel Polish Go Bad Or Expire?

In this blog post we will talk about how to make your gel manicure last as long as possible!

Does Gel Polish Go Bad Or Expire? – It’s Possible

There’s a lot of gel polish brands on the market right now and many of them advertise themselves as “5-free,” which means that they’re free from five key ingredients: formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), DBP and solvents.

However, not all gel polishes are created equal. In fact, as with any other beauty product, gel polish has a shelf life.

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Gel polish can start to go bad anywhere from three to six months after it’s been opened, and when it does, it can cause all sorts of problems. The polish might start to thicken or change color, and in some cases, can even begin to grow mold.

You can keep most of your makeup fresh for up to three years if you store it in a cool, dry place.

How do you know if your gel nail polish has gone bad?

If the bottle is out in the air for too long, it starts to change color and will eventually become unusable.

The smell of a bad bottle typically gives away that it’s time to throw it out. One way to keep track is to write the date you opened it on the bottle with a Sharpie. If you’re not sure, test it on a small, inconspicuous area before using the entire bottle.

So what causes gel nail polish to go bad? Continue reading to find out.

There are four main reasons why your gel nail polish might expire – exposure to air, oil, water and sunlight.

  • Exposure to Air: Unused polish is the most susceptible to going bad, as it dries out over time. That’s why it’s important to keep the lids on tight and store them in a cool, dark place.
  • Oil: Oil from your hands can break down the chemical bonds in the polish, which will make it thick and gooey. It’s best to use latex gloves and hand sanitizer when you’re not applying polish.
  • Water: Water is the biggest culprit, as it causes the layers of the polish to separate. If you use water on your nails or put your hands under running water (like in a shower), make sure you wipe them dry with a towel before continuing; otherwise, the layers of your polish will separate and result in a color that’s streaky and uneven.
  • Exposure to Sunlight: Store gel polish in a dark place or out of direct sunlight (which can prematurely age the product). If you store it next to something highly reflective like mirrors, your polish might start to bubble. Another factor is heat, which can cause the polish to thicken. If you’re using a lot of heavy coats or thickening agents, your gel nail polish might have trouble curing properly under UV lamps.

How long has the gel polish bottle been opened?

What are some signs that it’s gone bad? Continue reading below for more info…

The main difference is color and thickness. If your polish is completely liquid and has no color, you can be sure that it’s expired and time to say goodbye. If your gel nail polish starts to change color or is separated – it’s gone bad.

What causes this?

The biggest factor is exposure to air which dries up the product resulting in a thickening of the gel.

If you don’t have time to buy a new bottle, then test it first on your nails before applying an entire coat. If it takes longer than expected to dry or if you’re seeing bubbles in the bottle – toss it!

TIP: Storing gel polish upside down will help preserve the color and texture.

If you’re noticing bubbles in the gel polish, a trick is to place a small amount of cotton or tissue paper under the bottle during the curing process. The paper absorbs any excess moisture and takes care of unwanted air bubbles.

How to Make Gel Polish Products Last Longer

There are a few things you can do to make the gel polish last longer.

  1. First, always start with a clean nail plate. Make sure all the oils and residue from your hands are removed before applying the primer.
  2. Then, use a light layer of the primer and allow it to dry completely.
  3. Next, apply a thin coat of the gel color. Again, you want to allow it to dry completely before applying a thin layer of the top coat.
  4. Last, be sure that everything is dried completely before putting your hands in water or under the UV lamp.

Now you know how to make the gel polish last longer, but here are some things that you should know to keep it in perfect shape much longer.

  1. You must not use nail polish remover or acetone.
  2. If the surface of your nails becomes rough after removing the color, file them with a coarse file before applying another coat of gel polish.
  3. If you are having problems with peeling gel polish, try using a high quality base coat and top coats to protect the gel polish.
  4. Use an oil-free lotion or cream to moisturize your hands daily. This will help prevent dry cuticles that might lift the color when it begins to grow out.
  5. When removing any gel polish, make sure you use a 100% pure acetone remover or gel polish.
  6. If you are using normal nail polish remover it might leave behind oily residues that will affect the adhesion of the new color.
  7. Do not soak your nails in water for too long when washing dishes or taking a bath. This is especially harmful to gel polish as it can cause it to chip or peel.
  8. Try to avoid contact with harsh chemicals such as chlorine and bleach.
  9. If you are working in a profession where you come into contact with these chemicals, make sure you wear gloves to protect your nails.

Now that you know how to properly take care of the gel polish, it should last much longer, but also remember to follow the expiration date printed on the bottle for a guaranteed perfect manicure.

Does Gel Polish Go Bad Or Expire? How To Make It Last

Can a Gel Polish Expire Too?

Gel polish products are the perfect choice for those who want a durable shine. They don’t spoil or crack like regular polish does, but they can’t last forever if left in direct sunlight or extreme heat.

So, do gel polish products expire?

The answer is: it depends. When it comes to nail polish, the rule is different for everyone. We recommend that you check your bottle and see what they say on average but most brands suggest discarding opened bottles after 18-24 months or gel nails 24-36 months from when bought – so be sure!

  • Some brands have a shelf life of 1-2 years while others suggest to use it up within 12 months, which is also recommended for regular polish.
  • Gel nails are not meant to be used right away after opening the bottle – they should be prepped, shaped and cured before applying them on your nails! If you paint gels over other nails, the gels will peel off and cause damage to your actual nails.
  • When buying a new bottle of gel polish you should make sure to check the expiry date on its packaging – there are lots of brands which sell their products from 1 year up to 2 years after opening!

There is no one specific time or way in which an opened bottle of gel polish should be used – the time varies person to person depending on how long it takes them to finish a bottle, so you should always check for this date before using the gel polish.

Why Do People Prefer a Gel Polish Over a Regular Polish?

Gel polishes are a hybrid nail product that use a combination of traditional nail polish and gel technology. There are many reasons why people might prefer to use gel polish over regular nail polish.

  1. For one, gel polish typically lasts much longer than regular polish. This is because the thicker consistency of the gel allows it to bond better with the nails, meaning that it is less likely to chip or peel off.
  2. Additionally, gel polish can be easier to apply than regular polish. The thick consistency makes it less likely to run or drip, and it also tends to be more opaque, meaning that you need fewer coats for a full coverage.
  3. Gel polish, as everyone knows, is also often seen as being safer and healthier for the nails than regular polish. This is because the gel product does not need to be exposed to a UV lamp. Some people consider the exposure of regular polish and UV light to be potentially harmful for the nails themselves, as some substances like formaldehyde can be emitted by certain types of nail polish, which some people inhale.

With all of this in mind, gel polishes are often seen as being more beneficial for the nails and better for your health.

People also tend to prefer gel polish because it is easier to remove, which saves time and effort. This is a particular consideration when you want a different shade of color on your nails, as removing a gel manicure can be difficult if you intend to reuse the design.

How is Gel Polish Compared to Other Regular Polish?

Gel polish is applied much like regular nail polish, but it needs to be cured under a UV or LED light. This makes the nails look shiny and strong for up to two weeks. Gel polish is also non-toxic, making it a healthier option than other polishes on the market.

  • One of the benefits of gel polish is that it lasts through many more applications than regular nail polish. It’s important for clients to keep their nails in good shape so they want something that will last. Clients can stretch the number of days between salon visits if they choose gel polish over other forms of nail enhancement.
  • Of course, there are some drawbacks to using gel polish in the salon. For one thing, it’s more expensive than regular nail polish in most cases. It also takes much longer to apply when compared to regular polishes. Many technicians have switched from using gel polish on clients’ nails to using other options since they are easier and less time-consuming.
  • When possible, opt for gel polishes that are made in the USA instead of imported products. Many brands are manufactured overseas and may use low-quality ingredients. The best colors won’t fade quickly, which is another reason to look for USA-made gel polishes that are guaranteed to be free of formaldehyde, DBP and toluene. Contact the manufacturer if you have questions about what’s in the gel polish before buying.
  • Gel nail polish, as we know, is a great option for those who don’t have time to go to the salon as often as they’d like, but it’s not the only option out there. If you prefer something that looks just as good and lasts through more than one application, try starting with a nail enhancement powder. This is a non-toxic powder that makes nails look shiny and strong until they’re ready to be soaked off.

When you want to improve the appearance of your nails, it’s always best to ask a professional for advice on improving their strength and flexibility before you make any nail enhancements at home. A good technician will be able to tell you which products are best for your nails and how to use them so you can achieve the look you’re going for.


In the end, there are many reasons why people might prefer using gel polish over regular nail polish. Some individuals report that it lasts longer, is more opaque, and is simpler to apply.

The product won’t expire right after it has been opened, but it will become less effective over a long period of time. When stored properly, gel polish can last up to three years so you don’t have to replace your products all the time.

Additionally, some people believe that it is healthier for the nails and that it is easier to remove. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether they prefer gel polish or regular nail polish.

Does Gel Polish Go Bad Or Expire? How To Make It Last