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How to Fix Broken Nail or Acrylic Nail? | A Simple Guide

How to Fix Broken Nail or Acrylic Nail? | A Simple Guide

There’s nothing more traumatizing than having your nails done and having it broken after putting all your effort into placing it. However, fresh and new nails can bring your confidence to another level in which you will always be proud of yourself. 

As the other says, nails contribute to being feminine and sophisticated when it comes to physical looks. However, you cannot control this kind of thing because having broken nails is natural. Frequently, you might want to have long and cute nails to add spice to your fashion, and that’s okay.

But in case you’re having a hard time fixing it on your own, don’t you worry as there are many guides to help you in such cases, like this one! So, whether you broke acrylic nails or gel nails, indeed, there’s a good way.

In this post, we’ll try to cover How to Fix Broken Nail or Acrylic Nail to help you get on with your fashion and confidence! Let’s move on and take a look at the following things that you can do.

Causes of a Broken Nail

Understanding the causes and reasons behind why your nail is broken is essential. Unfortunately, some of the worst parts you can consider are the underlying health conditions you didn’t notice before. So, why are your nails breaking?

One probable cause could be stress, wear or tear, or nutrient deficiency. However, most people don’t simply call these broken nails but split nails. In all sense, split nails can be a considerable challenge, especially if you are working with your hands.

But although it may seem unavoidable, there are some ways to prevent this from happening in the future. Besides, what you are also trying to avoid is the damage to your nail bed. Note that having broken nails can cause a nail bed injury, which you wouldn’t want to happen.

For instance, some people’s nails can make the nail wholly torn off, pinched, crushed, or the blood can spill beneath the nails. Under this circumstance, you must understand that nail bed injuries are more serious than any other regular nail injury. With a subungual hematoma, your nails can be in danger.

Beyond that, if your nails get worn out, they will grow back entirely after six months. Of course, you wouldn’t want to wait that long only because of a damaged and broken nail. So, what’s the deal? How to fix a broken nail or acrylic nail?

How to Fix Broken Nail or Acrylic Nail

Although fixing a broken nail or acrylic nail can be painful and annoying, getting some ways to improve it isn’t that hard at all. You can always do some DIY stuff at home if you don’t plan on visiting some nail salons sooner or later. 

Thus, you must need to always keep some precautionary measures to prevent damage to your natural nails or attract fungus and bacterias under your nails and acrylic. 

Broken Nail Acrylic

Having a broken nail acrylic will not eventually get fixed unless you remove that acrylic nail. So, the first thing you need to do is get a painkiller and an ice because broken acrylic nails are undoubtedly painful. So, if you do want to prevent any injuries and infections. In that case, you must entirely remove the acrylic nail before doing the procedure.

Thus, if your natural nail gets ripped and broken, you’ll invite the fungus and bacteria upon entering the wound, causing more damage and infection with your nails. Better start it by disinfecting your nails and the area affected first with soap and water. Then afterward, do it with some alcohol or some skin disinfectant to be safer.

Another reason why doing that process is needed is to avoid the risk of letting the bacteria go between the natural and acrylic nail, ending up with the green and infected nail.

Cracked Acrylic Nails

On the other hand, having cracked acrylic nails is different from a broken one. If the acrylic is damaged or broken, yet your nails are just fine, trimming and filing your acrylic nails close to crack would be the best thing to do. 

If you notice that crack is under its free edge, then you may just use an acetone to get rid of the acrylic from the damage. Now, this will leave your nail visible — a friendly reminder to be careful as much as possible because acetone stings once you pour it accidentally. 

After doing this process, you can start with your nail and then apply the nail form extending your acrylic nails back to your desired shape and length. Otherwise, you can either leave it back to its short form or leave your whole nails in a short shape to match everything out. If you find it a hassle to do all these things all at once, going to the nail salon would be the best option.

Repairing the Broken Nail

Fixing a broken nail isn’t that complicated at all; you may fix it with a special glue called the nail glue. Of course, with this kind of glue, you’ll be able to attach your nails without experiencing any hassle. There are three simple steps in which you can do to repair broken nails. Here are the three simple steps that you can take to achieve your goal.

Gently buff your nails in the crack area. You want to be sure that you don’t go beyond the crack point and make the situation worse. Doing so might cause some harm to your nails and infection. After that, you can put 2 to 3 layers of nail glue, then just let it dry for a few minutes.

Next, you can paint it with a nail polish of your preferred choice. Although it’s only temporary, you can use the nail until the natural nails have grown long to file and trim the crack below.

Fixing the Broken Nail with Gel 

You can use silk wrap and gel to heal your broken nail for those who have no idea. This procedure will enable you to work things out in a long-lasting manner, rather than using tea bag or a glue. Thus, if the nail is about to crack entirely, this process works and covers the nail as well. However, you’ll be needing an added equipment: the nail lamp and nail gel polish. Otherwise, if you have both these tools at home, then you are good to go. 

Begin the method by fixing your nail with glue once you wipe the crack with clean nail polish and remove and slowly buff it with the nail file. The goal that you would want to achieve is a clean surface without old polish or oil on it.

First, apply a clear nail gel polish layer over your nail, but ensure to cure it. Then, you have to trim the silk to your nail’s shape. Take note that you have to smooth down the silk on the surface and let the gel dry afterward. In this way, the silk can keep your nails together and create strength for them once it’s already dry. 

Lastly, once your nails are dry, softly file your nails again and do another coating of a gel polish for the finishing touch. This method of fixing the broken nail with a gel will only last for about a few weeks. Remember to continuously file and trim the broken nail when everything goes well.

Broken Nail Bed

So, what about the broken nail bed? How to fix it other than the broken nail or acrylic nail that you have? Again, the process is very simple. But before proceeding with the main steps, never forget to disinfect your nails. And, in case one of your nails are bleeding, ensure not to do anything or move it not unless the bleeding has stopped to avoid any infection. 

If your nail is cut down and the nail glue isn’t working, the most applicable is to use false nails to protect and cover it until it grows. Slightly press on the nail sets, as it comes already prepared with the adhesive and will not need you to use acetone above your nail. 

Essentially, this procedure is one of the quickest ways to fix your broken nail. However, please take note that it will last for about a week. You can reassess your nails from then on, or you can put another press-on nail to keep your broken nail secured. Also, be minded that this procedure might cause a little hurt feeling on your side. So, be careful in putting everything on your nails. 

Other Procedures 

Aside from the usual remedies, there are other natural ways to fix the broken nail or acrylic nail. You can either do this at home or ask your nail technicians if these methods can be effective on your end. Either way, if you have a signal, better do it today than later!

Fixing Broken Nails With a Nail Dip Powder

Did you know that you can also use nail dip powder to cure your broken nail? If you haven’t thought of that yet, well, you must know the following procedures and materials needed to fix them as soon as you can. See all of these steps below.

Start with gently buffing and cleaning your nails. After that, paint the layer of a nail glue on the crack part of your nails. Once done, you can sprinkle the nail powder above the glue white while it is wet and make sure to wait until it’s dry. 

You can repeat the steps above a few more times until reaching 2 to 3 layers on the top of nail crack. Finish everything with your most trusted glue and drying spray, then never forget to buff your nails with the buffing block. 

Teabags Can Heal Your Broken Nails

It’s not only your feelings that teabags can heal but also your broken nails. Believe it or not, tea bags are a great way to fix the broken acrylic nail. With a small crack surfacing your nails, cut a tea bag to cover the whole crack and use nail glue to cover it. A nail file will help you patch your nails after to look like the rest of your nails. Then, you can paint over it so it matches your manicure style. 

Thus, take note that tea bags will only work best for those nails with small cracks and haven’t fully split. If you think you’ve got the broken natural nail on top of the free edge, you can also use the tea bag to cure the crack. Then, when it has fully grown, you can now cut off the broken bit in a safe way.

Key Takeaway

There’s nothing more painful than getting your nails done but having them broken after a while. For instance, it is more distressing to know that your nails have been infected due to open wounds or open areas when you are trying to fix them. 

While there are many ways on how to fix your broken nail, if you can, it would still be best to visit your salons and nail technicians for better and safer measures. Although with all of the possible methods above, there’s no way it will be challenging for you to fix your broken nail in no time. 

Again and again, we’re here to remind you to follow all the safety tips to get injured while fixing your broken nail. In the end, you wouldn’t want to have severe nail damage only because you didn’t follow the correct methods. So, good luck with fixing your broken nail!

How to Fix Broken Nail or Acrylic Nail? | A Simple Guide