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Gel Vs. Shellac Vs. Acrylic | Which is The Best For You?

Gel Vs. Shellac Vs. Acrylic | Which is The Best For You?

We are always on the hunt to discover what is the best manicure for yourself. The perfect manicure for us may not be the perfect one for you and vice versa. As we want to have the best, we also have to know if it fits us from the manicure’s characteristics, techniques, formula, color, and so on, every detail matters.

For years now, the trends of gel, shellac, and acrylic have circulated in the nail industry. The rise in their popularity respectively helps make the debate of gel vs. shellac vs. acrylic to know which on this nail game field. 

To help you analyze and settle the debate of Gel Vs. Shellac Vs. Acrylic, we must familiarize every detail, their strengths and weaknesses, and other notes for comparison purposes. 

Gel Nails 

Gels are the first to be in line and hit the interest of the beauty industry. Ever since it came out, it is always in the zone of many. There are different types of gels, but we’ll talk about hard gel and soft gel.

Hard gels are used as artificial nails where you can extend them and shape them just the way that you want. It comes in a gooey consistency and can only be removed by filing it off. While on the other hand, soft gels cannot be used for nail extension, though they are more durable than regular nail polish. It is removed only by using acetone and is less likely to damage the natural nails.

Shellac Nails

Shellac nails are the type of manicure where gels and regular polish are mixed. This manicure makes it stronger and lasts longer than standard polish but is still susceptible to chipping due to its polish mixture. This manicure treatment is created by Creative Nail Design (CND), a brand name, and an actual trademark.

Gel Vs. Shellac Vs. Acrylic | Which is The Best For You?

Acrylic Nails

In creating acrylic nails, the liquid monomer and polymer powder are mixed and are carefully applied to the nails. It is hardened by exposure to air instead of using the UV lamps that gels are accustomed to. Acrylic nails are very hard, thick, and long. Thus they can be decorated using nail polish.

Gel Vs. Shellac Vs. Acrylic | Which is The Best For You?

Gel vs. Shellac vs. Acrylic: When can You Choose Shellac

If you are looking for a natural, glossy finish that feels light on your nails, shellac nails are the best choice. Well-conditioned nails are where shellac works best, as it applies a thin layer of color and a protective cure topcoat. 

If you want to have a great manicure for a special occasion or trip but don’t want the long-lasting kind, shellac nails are a great choice over the standard or classic nail manicure. You would not even notice their difference except that it does not chip that easily.

You don’t have to be a bit worried about what kind of removal process your nails will undergo in this treatment. The removal proves real easy and can be done by yourself at home. It won’t even harm your nails since the Shellac nail polish will be soaked in acetone. In addition, since this manicure is built on a thinner layer than the others, you won’t need a nail file to scrape your nails in the process.

To sum up, if you want a manicure that:

  • Looks natural on your nails;
  • Will last a couple of weeks longer than standard manicure;
  • Is pretty easy on the nails during the removal; and
  • Won’t chip that easily, unlike the standard one after how many hands washed on a daily basis. Then you have to choose Shellac over Acrylic and Gel.

Gel vs. Shellac vs. Acrylic: The Good Notes of Gel Manicure

Like what is mentioned above about gels, it is a manicure first introduced in the beauty community than acrylics and shellacs. This treatment, like the shellac, is cured under the UV lights, and with lamps sold in the market like Amazon, gel manicures can nowadays be done at home or still at the salon.

If your nails tend to break and are on a weaker side, the gel will provide a protective layer that is thick enough to stop your nails from snapping or bending over. If you are not used to having a thicker fingernail feeling, it might first be uncomfortable, but you will get used to it in time. However, with the chunkiness, people still love gels. So you can still have it toned down if you prefer thinner than chunky nails. 

Gel nails last for about two weeks before the natural nails start showing up at the cuticle. It is a long time to last with still that glossy finish and without chipping. Those who favor this manicure are the ones with many activities in their daily schedule because of this treatment’s survival rate of still looking pretty afterward.

Gels are good for you if you want a manicure that:

  • Will protect the nails from snapping and bending;
  • Can still have your nails in flexible mode;
  • Lasts for a long time and more with maintenance (a good of two weeks or more);
  • Dries up instantly as soon as it is cured with UV lights; and
  • Can be mixed with acrylics and used for nail arts;

Then choose gel nails. Remember that there are some types of gels that need to be filed off. Instead of having them removed at home, having a qualified nail technician do the process is better. The nail bed can be damaged due to improper removal and is painful.

Gel vs. Acrylic vs. Shellac: Choosing Acrylic Nails Instead

You already know that acrylic nails are a type of fake nail made using a combination of liquid monomer and powder polymer through air drying. Attached to your natural nail, they are really hard enough to protect nails. Since acrylics are air-dried, the technician has to work fast enough. You will need a lot of practice to do this at home.

SNS nails or dip powder nails also use acrylics. It uses an activator so that the powder will stick directly on your nails. To provide a long-lasting manicure, they are used for colors on your acrylic nails.

If ever you want to have a manicure that:

  • Lasts a long time, for about three weeks, and can be refilled to last even for a longer period;
  • Can be mixed with gel definitely and be used for nail arts;
  • In most cases, it is cheaper than gels;
  • Can be any length you want, even if you’re going to have short nails or if you want a longer one and bite them;
  • Can be very versatile with any shapes and lengths that you want. It is very achievable with just proper training;
  • Can be fixed even at home if they do break;
  • Doesn’t expose your skin to harmful UV lights;
  • Can be used with gel polish or regulars for color and be removed even when at home by soaking off your nails in acetone;

Key Takeaway 

Get this acrylic manicure service over the gel treatment and shellac nails. There are many colors to choose from in any three manicures, so determine what is beneficial to you at this point and choose wisely!

Gel Vs. Shellac Vs. Acrylic | Which is The Best For You?