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The Top 5 Best Glow in The Dark Nail Polish | Best Guide

Glow in The Dark Nail Polish

There are so many pretty girls in the club, so standing out in the crowd can be a problem. Your outfits are trendy, and your hair is sheer perfection, but you want to stand out when the lights go dark. The answer? Glow in the dark nail polish.

If you’re looking for luminescent nail polish, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed some of the best glow in the dark nail polish you can buy online, as well as come up with a handy guide on virtually everything about this exciting nail care product. Let’s begin.

1. Vrenmol Glow in the Dark Gel Nail Polish


  • This glow in the dark nail polish is available in a wide variety of colors.
  • It looks elegant during the day and glows brilliantly in the dark.
  • This nail polish set is affordable.
  • The colors are pretty and look elegant during the day.


  • Its glow only lasts for about 20 minutes or so in the dark.
  • It is prone to lifting if your nails have not been prepped properly.

More on this product:

Check out the Vrenmol Glow in the Dark Gel Nail Polish Set. It features six pretty colors so you can switch shades depending on your mood and the occasion. 

It is available in different sets of colors. The first set has a more subdued look but still elegant whether worn during the day or at night. The second set, on the other hand, features more brilliant hues that are suitable for ladies who are looking for bolder and richer colors.

Just like all gel polishes, the Vrenmol Glow in the Dark set needs a UV lamp to cure. The nail polish is formulated to glow more brilliantly in the dark if your fingernails have been exposed to sunlight.

2. FairyGlo Glow in the Dark Nail Polish Set


  • Each set features multiple vivid colors that will suit your personality.
  • The nail polish features a thinner consistency, making it easier to apply.
  • The glow lasts longer compared to other brands.
  • It glows brighter under UV light.
  • It is long-lasting.


  • The bottles don’t have color indicators.
  • The consistency is so thin that you have to use multiple coats.

More on this product:

The usual matte gel nail polish can be boring, so why not spice things up? The FairyGlo Glow in the Dark Nail Polish Set can be your next favorite gel nail polish. Available in a wide array of colors, this product looks great whether during the day or at night.

Each pack contains six brilliant colors with a mix of pretty pastels and vivid, shiny ones. Party all night and stand out in a crowded club or concert while wearing this nail color.

Keep in mind that its consistency is pretty thin, so you’ll need to apply multiple coats until you’re satisfied. That’s an advantage, though, because you can control the amount of product you’re going to apply on your nails and it won’t get clumpy. 

The liquid is stored inside an opaque nail polish bottle as it is UV sensitive. There is no color indicator, so you’ll have to open each bottle to see the contents.

3. Homost Glow in The Dark Nail Polish Set


  • This is a cat-eye nail polish that glows like stars in the dark.
  • It has an elegant glossy look that’s perfect for the office or late-night parties.
  • The nail polish glows brighter at night after the nails have been exposed to sunlight.
  • The set comes with a magnet that allows you to easily create the perfect cat-eye.


  • It can be hard to perfect if you’re a newbie to cat-eye gels.

More on this product:

The Homost Glow in The Dark Nail Polish Set is one of the unique gel nail polishes available on the market right now. This nail polish set is available in six different colors that shine brilliantly under the light or in the dark. 

There’s regular purple, gold, green, and blue, and then there’s a combination of green and blue, as well as light red and purple. But at night or in the dark, they all glow green.

It comes with a nice tool with magnets at each tip. This tool allows you to create some dazzling cat-eye effects on each nail to make them stand out.

The price is pretty affordable, so it’s a good investment if you want to do your nails at home. Make sure to prep your nails properly before application as they can lift without proper nail prep. Plus, make sure to apply some black nail polish as it will not work as well without it.

4. Saviland Glow in the Dark Gel Nail Polish Set


  • Apart from the gel polishes, each set includes one basecoat and one topcoat.
  • The chemical smell is not that overpowering.
  • Adhesion lasts for weeks with proper nail prep and if you only do some light activities.
  • It comes in a nice elegant box for easy storage and organization.
  • Nails glow brightly in the dark.


  • The colors are pretty conventional. This set might not be the right one for you if you’re looking for something trendy. 
  • The consistency is so thick that it’s sometimes difficult to apply.

More on this product:

Saviland Glow is another glow in the dark polish you can try. Each set contains six different colors, from pearlescent white to glowing fire engine red. What’s great about this set is that it comes with a basecoat and topcoat, too.

It has a thick consistency that can be hard to apply for newbies. But the result is vibrant, and you don’t need a lot of the product just to get a vivid nail color.

The contents are stored in an elegant red bottle. It has a beautiful box which makes it easy to give it as a present to a friend.

5. Elite99 Glow in The Dark Gel Nail Polish Set


  • This is one of the most affordable glow in the dark nail polish sets available.
  • Each set contains different pretty colors.
  • The smell is not as bad as other nail polish.
  • Adhesion is good as long as you prep the nails properly.


  • All colors glow green in the dark, and not blue, pink, or purple.
  • It doesn’t glow as brightly as the other nail polish.

More on the product:

Say ‘hello’ to the Elite99 Glow in The Dark Gel Nail Polish Set. Each set features bright and fun colors that will suit your taste. These include serene blues, vivid pinks, and cool greens.

Adhesion is quite good, but you need to clean and prime your nails properly for the gel polish to adhere better. It’s more affordable than most of the gel polish we have on this list, too, so it’s good if you’re on a budget or you’re not sure if you can pull off the glow in the dark look.

It doesn’t glow as brightly as the other brands do, which can be disappointing if you like the brand. The glow in the dark color also stays neon green and not the color of the polish itself.

Best Glow in The Dark Nail Polish

What is Glow in the Dark Nail Polish?

As the name implies, these are nail polish that becomes luminous under darkness or at night. If you want to stand out on the dancefloor or you simply want something glowing in the dark while you’re out camping, then you’ll love this type of nail polish. 

Glow in the dark nail polish is one of the newer nail color products on the market, but it has been fast gaining popularity among trendy ladies and partygoers alike.

Types of Glow in the Dark Nail Polish

There are two types of glow in the dark nail polish available right now. Check them out below.

  • Natural luminescence

This type of nail polish doesn’t need a special light for it to become luminous at night or in the dark. Its formulation contains synthetic ingredients that ‘naturally’ glow in the dark. Still, it requires long exposure to the sun’s UV rays for it to transform from regular nail polish to an eye-catching luminescent one. 

  • UV (ultraviolet) nail polish

Unlike nail polish that glows naturally, this nail polish becomes luminous only in places when blacklight is used, such as nightclubs and concerts. If you’re wearing this kind of nail polish and you’re in a club or event that doesn’t have a UV light, then it’s not going to work.

What Makes Them Glow?

Glow in the dark nail polishes shine in the dark thanks to a couple of phosphorescent pigment powders. These pigment compounds include strontium aluminate and zinc sulfide. Many manufacturers, however, have abandoned strontium aluminate in favor of luminescent zinc sulfide as this is the only phosphorescent compound that is safe and approved by the FDA. 

Best Glow in The Dark Nail Polish

Choosing the Right Glow in the Dark Nail Polish

  • Read the label thoroughly before buying nail polish. 

Make sure that it does not contain toxic pigments and solvents to safeguard your health. In particular, look out for strontium aluminate as this compound has not been approved by the FDA for use on nail care products.

  • Check its consistency. 

If you’re planning to buy your nail polish in a cosmetics store, then look out for samples to check the product’s consistency. Nail polish with thicker consistency can be clumpy and hard to apply on the nail plate. But you don’t want it too thin either because you’ll need to apply multiple coats before you reach the right shade.

  • Read reviews online to check if it lifts or loses its glow after several minutes. 

Reading reviews is the best way to know if a certain glow in the dark nail polish easily loses its luminescence after a few minutes of being in the dark. You can also score info on whether a brand produces high-quality nail polish or the ones you’re eyeing lifts or peels a couple of days after your mani or pedi.

How to Apply Glow in the Dark Nail Polish

Applying glow in the dark nails is no different from applying regular nail polish. Let us teach you how.

  • Start with clean nails. Wash your hands first, and then dry them thoroughly.
  • Dehydrate and prime. Many soaps contain oils that can affect nail polish adhesion. That’s why we recommend that you get rid of oil and moisture by using a nail dehydrator. Apply a primer, too, if you want your manicure or pedicure to last much longer.
  • Apply a good base coat. It might not be necessary all the time, but it’s best to apply a good base coat to your nail. This, too, ensures an improved manicure and pedicure. Plus, a white or black basecoat ensures that the color of your nail polish has a good foundation and will stand out.
  • Next, apply the glow in the dark nail polish. Apply a thin coat on the nail plate first to prevent it from becoming gloopy. Give it a second and third coat to reach your desired shade.
  • Finally, apply a clear topcoat to protect the nail polish underneath.
  • Use a UV or LED lamp to dry your nail polish (if it is required).

Glow in the Dark Nail Polish Maintenance: Tips on How to Make it Last Longer

  • The key to making your glow in the dark nail polish last longer is to have a good foundation. Make sure that nail is completely dry and oil-free before applying your chosen nail color. Choose a good dehydrator and primer to get rid of oil and moisture.
  • Add a second or third coat of nail polish, but make sure not to overdo it. Thick coats can cause lifting and peeling, and they can take several minutes to dry.
  • Apply a top coat every couple of days if you see chipping or peeling.
  • Normalize wearing gloves when you’re working. A pair of thick latex gloves are great if you’re prepping meals, washing pots and pans, or cleaning the bathtub.

We hope that you enjoyed our review on the best glow in the dark nail polish available online, as well as our short guide on this popular product. Take a look at our other articles for more information about nail polishes and other nail care products.

Best Glow in The Dark Nail Polish

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