How Much Do Manicures Cost: Complete Prices Explained

Manicures are part of the health and wellness self-care routine. But to maintain healthy-looking nails, we need to do budgeting for both time and money.

Of course, prices vary in every salon, and their tags should not just be the ones you are considering. There are also things like what’s included in the manicure service, available options offered, and the type of manicure versus its designated price.

How Much Do Manicures Cost And Additional Services

How Much Do Manicures Cost?

Your hands, and in particular, your nails, are one of the first things that people notice about you. Through them, they will have a first impression of who you might be, especially when you are in a professional setting. So to take that road to keep your hands nice and healthy, you need to know how much manicures cost. The services and their prices are:

• Basic Manicure: $10 to $40 – also called standard manicure, includes all the basics steps like nail cutting or trimming, filing and shaping, cuticle care, hand massage with oils, creams, or lotions, and your chosen nail polish. The price for this manicure can be lower if you opt for the polish application at the end of the process;

• French Manicure: $15 to $35 – or called the French Tips, is a manicure that has that beige tone or sheer pink polish topped with a white one at the tips of each nail. It is prevalent in the 2000s until now that a reverse style is introduced to everyone who loves this chic style of manicure.

• Gel Manicure: $35 to $80 – it is a manicure that still follows the process of the basic one, just that the polish used needs to be cured with UV light twice with the topcoat applied at the end to fix the nail. 

There are two types of gel. A soft one can just be soaked off at the salon to be removed, while the hard gel is used as a sculpting gel. It creates the popular nail shapes that are available in salons to be made. So when it’s time to be removed, hard gels are not porous enough and can be filed off instead from the fingernails; 

• Dip Powder Manicure: $35 to $80 – is another happy kind of manicure. It falls between the standard manicure and a fake acrylic nail one. Instead of using UV lights to seal your polish, the adhesives used are the ones that put the powder in place. A dehydrated nail is better because the drier the nail, the stronger the adhesion will be; and

• Acrylic Overlay: $60 and up – so this manicure follows the steps of gel manicures but with the use of a powder polymer and liquid monomer to create a protective layer over the natural nails. Any polish is welcome, but when you choose a gel type, the application is still cured with UV light.

How Long Does It Take?

Of course, in determining the overall price tag of a service done, time spent creating or doing things is also included in computing for a fair price point. For example, a basic manicure has no other special steps in its process and only takes up to 35 minutes to be done, while a French manicure can take up 45 minutes to an hour for that clean tweaking it needs at the tip of your fingernails.

The more complicated manicures, like the one-color gel manicure, can be done in 45 minutes, dip powders are about 40 minutes, and acrylic overlays take up to 30 minutes up to an hour. If you choose to add some services to these packages, the time spent in the salon will now depend on those extra features.

Additional Services And Their Costs

Nail salons may have the same additional services, but what made them unique from each other are what are the inclusions in those extras. These services are also a reflection of how much a manicure cost from that particular salon. You might want to spare some extra cash for them, so here are the services in general: 

• Nail Art (per nail): $5 and up – the base price for simple designs is five dollars on each fingernail. The fee will be higher if you have chosen a more complicated and detail one;

• Paraffin Treatment: $20 – $40 – this kind of hot wax treatment makes the skin supple and soft. Clients love this add on treatment because not only do they moisturize the hands, they also really feel that they are pampered and well-taken care of;

• Hot Oil Treatment: $20 and up – this is similar to the hot wax treatment but more luxurious and relaxing and can be pretty expensive. This process dips the nails in essential oils. A soothing and transformative service tailored to your needs; and

• Acrylic Fill-ins: $20 to $40 – fill-ins in a set should happen every two weeks maintain the lovely finish and look that your nails have.

How To Save Your Cash?

Cost reduction is what we always aim for. When you go to the salon, you can get the most basic manicure package. Although all have the same output, beautifully done, and professional-looking nails, their complexity is a significant reason for their different price point. The more elaborate the process is and the more expensive the things like nail polish, the more they are costly.

If you are planning to get a manicure and other offers like treatments, extra services, pedicures, and so on, look for a combo package. They tend to make the cost cheaper than their sole prices—a great way of saving that extra cash. 

In addition, not all salons that got the more expensive price lists are the better ones in the area. There are a lot of inexpensive salons that got quality services. Just look around your neighborhood and support small businesses.


Now, with your queries answered on how much do manicures cost, we hope that we have also helped you decide on what you should have by laying out the most available nail services, their price points, and other information. So, when you visit, choose wisely, don’t forget to give a tip, and pamper yourself. You deserve it!

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