How Much Does A Pedicure Cost? Price Comparsion Explained

The cost of a pedicure can vary depending on where you go (salons in high-end hotels are more expensive than salons in strip malls) but there are ways to get a great pedicure without hurting your purse.

Learn about how much does a pedicure costs and ways to save before heading out for one today!

How Much Does a Pedicure Cost A Guide Across Its Service and Other Factors

How Much Does A Pedicure Cost?

Pedicures, as you would know, can be easily done at home. However, you should be patient for interruptions and have enough supplies to do a complete pampering session on yourself. If you have no time and can spare the extra cash, you can visit the salon instead and treat yourself to their available services. Some of the common pedicure prices usually start today at:

• Pedicure – Basic: $35.00

Pedicure – Salon: $70.00

• French Pedicure: $45.00

• Manicure/Pedicure Combination: $80

• Nail Art (per nail): $5-10.00

What Is Included In A Pedicure Service?

Every salon has common general steps included in its basic pedicure. First up is soaking the feet in warm water with some shops adding salt in the process to prepare both feet to be scrubbed. Next up is nail clipping and shaping, cuticle trimming, nail buffing, and lastly is nail polish application.  Also, learn how long does nail polish last? 

Some shops even add foot and calf massage in the process and lotion or moisturizer application afterward. This step is before applying your desired nail polish.

What Made The Prices Of A Basic Pedicure Differ Between Salons?

 The factors that made the prices of these establishments differ for this service are first the cost of the products used because they may prefer some pricier ones if they believe that they will give better outputs and thus, more customer satisfaction. 

The second is the geographical location. The salon’s location is also a heavily contributing factor to the computation of cost. Whether it is in the heart of a bustling section of the city or at the outskirts of town, rented or owned, it became an impactful determining factor on how much a pedicure cost.

The third is the equipment used and other related expenses to the services. Examples of this are sanitizing machines, UV lamps for gel polish, massage chairs, etc. 

Lastly is the service fee of the nail technician or pedicurist. Because the feet are a much larger surface area than the hands, care coverage is more detailed than in manicures. Also, to recognize their efforts since it strains their back more, salons use this detail to justify customers’ justified rates.

What Are Pedicure Chairs And Their Purpose?

Pedicure chairs are where pedicures get done in most salons. They are efficient in helping these beauty establishments in giving hassle-free experiences to you and other clients. It got a plumbing system to provide the water needed in the foot tub for easy soaking and feet washing. The back chair got various functions, primarily to perform mechanical massages, a prominent feature.

Although they add a hefty percentage on how much pedicure costs, you can’t deny that they give enjoyable service to customers. The more high-end the chair, the more it got functions that benefit not just you, a client, but also the technicians that serve you. 

Additional Services And Costs

The additional services that you can usually request are:

French Tips: $3-$10. The popular classic look is where technicians paint white tips on the nail to any pedicure, acrylic, or manicure.

Gel Polish: $10-$15. It is a more expensive option than regular polish since it takes a long process before it can be completely dry or cured up. However, it can last for weeks since it doesn’t chip easily.

Paraffin Wax: $5-$15. This treatment softens and moistens the skin on the feet area. It is usually a popular additional service to people living in colder climates.

Toenail Creative Design: $5 and up. Specialty designs that can be simple to elaborate ones.

Gel Refills for Acrylic: $30-$40. This is a full nail set.

Toenail Repairs: $5-$10. This service is a repair for broken acrylics per nail.

How Much Should I Tip After A Pedicure?

Tipping after a pedicure or manicure session should be a basic nail etiquette. Whether you were happy or not with the service that you have received, you should still give, be thankful, and don’t just dash away and leave. Be polite in providing feedback. Tips help in many ways, especially at the end of the day, where everything adds up.

So, in deciding the final tip you will give, it should be twenty percent (20%) of your total bill. Your deciding factors maybe your entire bill, the effort and time spent by the technician, and, if applicable, the intricacy of the details of your chosen design. So, for example, for a $40 bill, it should be 8 dollars or higher, but it depends on you.

Benefits Of Pedicure

Pedicures are also essential to care for the feet. It is a necessary thing for both men and women to include in their regular pampering. There are a few health and wellness benefits to it as well:

Early Detection – A regular pedicure can help the pedicurist detect early signs of fungal infections and bunions. It is helpful so that they can be identified and treated in its earlier stage;

Decreases or Prevents Chances of Infections – clipping and cleaning toenails prevent unwanted ingrown, which can cause infections. With regular pedicure care, the bacteria and dirt that causes infections and foot odors will get eliminated from your feet and toenails ; 

Boosts Circulation and Relieves Stress- Massage is one of the most awaited parts when you are going for your regular pedicure. Some even pay extra for a more extended massage session. Not only does it allow blood circulation, but it also relieves the tension in your calves and feet. Pedicures are relaxing and therapeutic; and 

Softer skin – Many pedicures apply oils, creams, lotions, and other add-ons after letting the feet soak in water. This is to cure dry skin or preserve already moisturized feet. Skin that is well cared for lessens problems, blisters, and cracks from arising. 

What Is A Mini-Pedicure?

Mini pedicure is a kind of pedicure that focuses mainly on the toes. It is primarily designed for toenail maintenance between a client’s regular visits for pedicures. It includes soaking, nail shaping, and applying nail polish that usually costs $35-$45. Some also incorporate this into their skincare regimen.

 What Is A Deluxe Pedicure?

Deluxe pedicure is a luxurious treatment that includes soaking, using sugar scrub for exfoliation, nail clipping and cuticle work, and application of paraffin wax. Traditional nail polish and gel polish are also available to choose from and are included in the service.

How Long Do Mini-Pedicure And Deluxe Pedicures Take?

Since one’s self can even quickly do Mini-pedicures, it only usually takes up to thirty minutes, while deluxe pedicures last from thirty to ninety minutes. The time results depend on the technique done by the technician. Applying nail polish can also affect the time finished and how much do pedicures cost.

How Often Should You Get A Pedicure? 

Pedicure is vital to keep the toenails healthy and protect them against trauma. Usually, a professional pedicure should be scheduled every four to six weeks. Unfortunately, this means that you are just keeping your feet healthy and happy and not in the zone of making any substantial improvements to it. 

If you plan to improve your nails or skin, a professional pedicure should be done every three to four weeks. This is to beat the current challenge you are facing and keep the progress going to the technician. There will be a shift in your intervals if the technician already can see the progress created and impact on your set goals. 

Why Should You Get A Pedicure Regularly?

Your feet carry the stress of your movements all day long. From whatever activity you do and wherever you go, taking good care of your feet is necessary. It is more than giving it a good rest and maintaining a neat trim by yourself. A good pedicure should be a reward that you also give to yourself.

Rewarding means pampering. Although I understand that having a good pedicure done in a salon is a luxury for some, spending money on it is to beautify your toenails and keep your feet healthy. 

Having an expert do your pedicures is beneficial to both sides. Besides maintaining a healthy lifestyle by having this service in regular motion, it also relaxes your body and mind and keeps your feet at bay. In addition, it gives you a boost of confidence knowing that you can present yourself with nothing to hide.


Pedicures are lifesavers, especially when an expert nail technician does them. Now that you know more about this service and how much pedicures cost, you should consider all the information present in your decision-making. 

If you have already decided, visit a nail salon of your choice, book for a schedule, and most importantly, have fun, relax, and enjoy the process.

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