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How to File Toenails | Your Ultimate Guide

How to File Toenails

Do you want to know how to file toenails properly? Like fingernails, your toenails also need to be done. Although trimming your toenails may seem simple enough, it isn’t something to be done carelessly. At the same time, filing your toenails should never be done aggressively. While most people don’t need to go to the nail salon, keeping your toenails fresh and clean even on your own is still important. 

If you haven’t had enough time to go out, there are still some ways on how you can do it safely using a do-it-yourself method. Regardless of what condition you may have, toenail filing requires some steps to have good-looking and smooth feet. 

In this post, we’ll briefly guide you on how to file your toenails safely with all the basic tools you will need. Spread the word about these techniques since your buddy could be having trouble filing her toenails as well!

Filing Your Toenails

There might be many right ways on how to file your nail properly. Ensure to follow all these steps to accomplish your goal of filing your nails. The slower, the better. Remember, you don’t want to end up hurting one of your toenails as you try to file it. 

Basic Tools For Toenail Filing

● Clipper

● Nail File or Emery Board

● Brush or a piece of cotton

How to File Toenails

Steps & Techniques

Once you’ve prepared all the materials needed, you’re good to go. Let’s start now!

1. Make a start by clipping your toenails with a nail clipper. You will be able to form your desired toenail much more easily in this manner. Also, avoid trimming your toenails too short, as this might result in ingrown toenails and infections in the future.

2. Hold your nail file lightly between your thumb and index finger at a 90 degrees angle at all times. It is important to hold it properly and grasp it, so you won’t make any unnecessary moves that might cause damage to your nails. 

3. Start by filing the edge in a single direction, focusing on the corner towards the center. Avoid filing back and forth to avoid fraying your nails or causing any harm or infections to your skin and nails!

4. Continue filling your nails until you reach the perfect shape of the toenail that you desire. Then, repeat the process in all your toenail fingers. 

5. Remove any dust accumulated while filing your toenails using a dust brush, cotton ball, or towel. You can also apply a bit of Aloe Vera or Vitamin E to your toenail beds to moisturize them if needed. 

And that’s it! You’re done with filing your nails! You can do these easy and simple steps with your friends or relatives during girls’ night out and have fun as you bond together. If you have more time, then why not proceed to do some nail polish afterwards? Make out the best of your nails as it also needs some make-over like your fingernails!

Besides, if you have enough budget to visit your nail salons and nail technicians, don’t think twice to give your nails a treat. After all, your nails also deserve the best for working hard. So follow all of these principles and fast recommendations for filing your nails, and you can be assured that your toenails will be healthier and smoother than they have ever been before!

How to File Toenails

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