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Nail Form vs Tips: What’s The Major Difference?

Nail Form vs Tips

Curious to know the details about nail form vs tips? Getting your nails done with your favorite polish could be one of the best things for pampering yourself, especially if you visited your most preferred nail salon store for this kind of “me” time. While every nail service may seem alike at some point, there are some facts about nails that you must know. 

For instance, your nail technician may have asked what kind of nail forms or nail tips you’d like. The same thing goes with training new personnel and staff to know the difference between nail forms and tips. So if you’re quite unsettled, you don’t have to worry, as this post will guide you throughout your journey!

So, whether you’re a simple lady who’s planning to visit the salon or a nail technician who’s starting a job, we’ve got it covered. We’ve provided all the details that you need to know about the two and the advantages and disadvantages of both applications in helping you decide about which one is best. See all details of it now, below. 

Understanding Nail Tips 

Nail tips – can be defined as pre-cut pieces of plastic, which nails technicians use to create fake nails. Usually, these are the kind of nails that come into mind when girls think about false nails. Nail tips are generally white or clear in color, and nail tips were made from plastic – of course. 

Notably, they form the base in applying acrylic or gel to and attached to the nail plate. Also, you might think that nail tips are mostly long for women and need to be trimmed down by the technicians. Either way, you may choose the nail tips that could cover the entire nail plate or have the one with a partial cover. 

What Happens When You Have a Nail Tip?

Essentially, if you get nail tips, your tips will thicken and lengthen your nails. Some girls think that their hands will feel the same after getting nail extensions, but that thought is somewhat untrue. Thus, note that the closer and thinner the nail is to your nails, the easier things will be to complete the primary task. But, of course, if you plan to have acrylic nails, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. 

Nail Form vs Tips

Applying nail tips

Applying nail tips is as vital as simply using regular nail polish with your nails. It is best to make sure that the nail tips were fitted perfectly on the shape and size of your natural plate to guarantee that each of them will remain secure. This matter will also help you in preventing some injuries and damage to your natural nails.

It’s essential to make sure that the nail tip fits the size and shape of the natural nail plate to ensure that they remain on securely and to prevent any damage to your natural nail. Also, nail tips have various sizes. You may also form them to have a custom-fit shape of your nail. 

Now, once you’re sure that the nail tips’ sides are perfectly aligned, you place using a minimal amount of glue nail near your nail bed. You must hold this out for ten seconds as you will be using the pinching tool. Again, such equipment will help you to ensure that all sides are secured and safe. 

You can now shape and trim down the nail tips to your desired length before applying acrylic or gel when all else is done. So, with all these procedures, nail tips are quite easy and fun to do. The only challenging part would be shaping your desired nail and trimming it down afterward. But, what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Nail Tip Advantages

● Creates a very consistent and regular appearance on each of your nail

● Very easy to master, especially for beginners

● Durable and strong that can last for weeks

Nail Tip Disadvantages

● Nail tips may create a pressure on your nail bed that might be too damaging

● It is thicker to look at and have less aesthetic

● The whole process is a hassle due to the detailed steps 

Nail Form vs Tips

What are Nail Forms? 

Now, here we are with the nail forms. So, how do nail form vs. tips different from each other? Nail forms are usually used to have a sculpting process of any nail extensions using acrylic or gel. They are put under your nail and work as the temporary base in applying acrylic or gel, enabling you to create a nail to your preferred shape and length. Then, it is removed once your nail has been built. 

Applying Nail Forms

If you’ve decided to apply the nail forms, here’s how it works. As stated above, nail forms can be put directly under your nail. Imagine it like a sticker that is being wrapped on each of your fingers to always keep them secure in an area. 

Nail forms must closely be around your finger and should really fit the shape of your nail entirely before you begin with any process. These kinds of nails indeed allow you to identify the shape and length of gel or acrylic extensions. Lining them perfectly and securing them to be in place before you proceed with the application will guarantee you a good and beautiful result. 

And, one of the best things that girls love about nail form is that it does not need any glue. So, once they’re in place, then you may begin your acrylic and gel application without a hassle. But like the nail tips, there are also advantages and disadvantages of applying nail form with your nails. So, let’s try to see it below. 

Nail Form vs Tips

Nail Form Advantages

● Fewer steps and procedures to follow, which means faster to apply.

● Easy to master rather than nail tips

● Nail form only requires fewer kits and products. 

Nail Form Disadvantages

● Nail form can be time-consuming at first

● Sculpting nail forms can be hard to master

● Customers may not always be familiar about the nail forms than nail tips

Which is the Best?

Nail Form vs. tips has become the talk of the town for girls. Both these styles will perfectly suit any girl with their fashion sense. But, which is the best? Well, the truth is, when it’s about nail extensions, there’s no such thing as good or bad. 

Nail Form vs. tips has its advantages and disadvantages, which is up to you to weigh. Both are hard to master at first, but everything will be easy and perfect once you get the hang of it. Of course, it might not always be perfect as you may perceive, but both nail form vs. tips are good. 

If you want something that has less process, taking the nail form will do the trick. Otherwise, if you’ve got loads of time to experiment, taking the turn with nail tips is probably the best thing. But, again, it’s up to you until the end which one would be the greatest among the rest. Either way, nail form vs. tips may have dissimilarities, but both work pretty well. 

nail form vs tips

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