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Pedicure Types: What’s Best Type For You

Pedicure Knowing What’s Best Type For You

Who wants to attend a social event in heels with unpolished toenails? No one. Who wants to expose their uncut and even damaged toenails?

Definitely nobody. Whether you are on your way to the most glamorous occasion or just running usual errands on weekends at your most comfortable homey look, you have to always keep your toes at their best.

But with so many pedicure types you can choose from, you may get overwhelmed at most spas and nail salons and just trust what your manicurist or nail technician might suggest.

So, here’s a guide prepared for you to have a quick look at the most common types of pedicures that would best fit your ideal cosmetic treatment.

Types Of Pedicures

Pedicure is by far, the most budget-friendly spa treatment you can always spoil yourself with. You can enjoy it with the companion of your partner or a friend, or just by yourself as a way to unwind after a long day’s work. How much does a pedicure cost? Listed below are some of the most common types of pedicures. However, the names and products used may vary from one spa or nail salon to another.

Regular or Standard Pedicure

As its name suggests, it is the simplest in all forms of pedicures. This treatment follows the classic-style pedicure, which is started by soaking the feet in a foot-bath that is warm and waits until the skin is soft enough for scrubbing. The foot scrub is necessary to remove any calluses and eliminate any rough skin.  

After which, cuticle care procedures will follow. It is the part where extra skin around the toenails is removed. Hangnails are also being cleared in this portion. The next and final step is the trimming of nails, which will be finished by filing and shaping nails according to your liking.

After every procedure is completed and depending on the nail salon or spa, you are in; some might offer a foot massage and moisturize lotion to complete the treatment. You will also have the option to have your nails painted if deemed necessary.

Being the most common pedicure type, this one is expected to be available in almost, if not all, nail salons. You can even do it yourself if you equip yourself with the right tools. Having this treatment will surely leave your feet feeling clean & refreshed. 

Spa Pedicure

In hindsight, this procedure is just an upgraded type of regular pedicure which would generally entail an additional feature like paraffin dip, foot mask, warm towel wrap, or mud or seaweed treatment.

At some specific nail salons and spas, availing of this choice will guarantee you a spot in a private and calming setting than the regular ones. In addition, the warm foot-bath will ideally be infused with essential oils for more satisfaction.

If you feel the need to extra pamper yourself, this option is best for you. Since this is the amplified version of a regular or standard pedicure, this luxurious pedicure type will leave you feeling ultra-relaxed and indulged after the full experience. 

French Pedicure

This other kind of pedicure is most popular for girls. While the whole process is almost the same with Standard or Regular pedicures, the difference will be observed on the nail polishing portion.

With a classic French pedicure, a transparent or nude foundation polish will be prepared and put on as the first coating. When dried, it will be followed by a fine nail polish that comes in a white color, applied at the tip of your toenails. Again, precision is vital to imitate the natural structure and shape of the toenails.

The French Pedicure’s popularity has spread throughout the globe, which earned it a separate category that is worth mentioning. It could definitely make your feet look very chic, simple yet sophisticated, and stunning at the same time.

Gel Pedicure

The same with French Pedicure, the Gel Pedicure type also follows the same standard or regular pedicure. The difference is also noticeable only at the nail polishing portion. Instead of using the usual nail polish, the nail technician uses gel polish. 

The nail technician cures the gel paint with each coat application by exposing it to UV (Ultraviolet) Rays. This process is repeated at least three to four times to achieve the desired output. 

This type of pedicure is best suited for people who want to enjoy a longer time for their polish to stay before it chips off. It is specifically designed to last for about two to three weeks, making it a great choice if you have planned trips ahead and will not be able to visit a spa or nail salon anytime soon. Note, however, that this has a downside since the gel is kept longer. Also, when removed using acetone, it may cause nails to be a bit dry.

Athletic Pedicure

An athletic pedicure is best if you are on your feet often. When you struggle with callouses or ingrown toenails or are just plain tired and suffering from aching feet muscle from constant running, training, or playing sports, this spa treatment would help ease the ache. 

Although this type of pedicure is similar in many ways to the regular or standard pedicure, this one varies on the added relaxation features and skin-soothing methods to rejuvenate your feet. In addition, the cooling aromatics will alleviate the tiredness and aching that you feel in your feet. Different scents may be used, such as peppermint, eucalyptus, or cucumber. 

Paraffin Pedicure

Highly moisturizing and nourishing, this pedicure option is a must for people experiencing dry feet and cracked heels. This pedicure procedure is specially designed to smoothen your skin while ultimately getting rid of those dry winter skin or hard summer callouses.

We set off by following the regular or standard pedicure procedure, but instead of soaking the feet with just warm water, this type of spa treatment will wrap your foot in a paraffin slipper or soak it in warm paraffin wax. The paraffin mixture is a combination of alkaline wax and some other hydrating ingredients.

When done, you cannot just see, but you will feel the difference between your toes. Your foot skin will feel immensely soft and glistening from moisture. 

Fish Pedicure

Although rather unusual, this type of pedicure has gotten its hype, making it a highly anticipated pedicure experience for some. However, this is admittedly an uncommon way to treat your feet. Hence, it is not always available in some regular nail salons or spas.

The classic procedure still applies; however, the part where dead skin is removed is entirely different. While regular pedicures remove calluses and even your dead skin using a foot scrub or a pumice stone, fish pedicures rely on tiny fishes to get the job done.

Small carp fish called doctor fish or Garra Rufa are the ones used for this treatment. They eat and nibble dead skin found on people’s feet, particularly in between toes and soles. You need not worry as these fish are not so big and can’t harm you or inflict pain. Consider, however, that you need to endure the tickling sensation every time they eat away your dead skin. After the fish treatment experience, the pedicure will proceed as usual.

Ice Cream Pedicure

Who does not want ice cream? The name of the pedicure itself is enough to lure you into trying this. For years, it gained popularity, which tempts spa or nail salon goers to experience a rather odd foot pampering.

This procedure started with a relaxing foot soak which entails a shaped fizzing ice-cream “bath ball.” The bath ball is believed to be full of vitamins and minerals and aromatic ice cream flavors that could help in softening the feet. It is followed by exfoliating the feet by using the foot scrub of your own choice of flavor: vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry. The final touch will be the moisture treatment called “foot icing,” which uses whipped lotion and ends with nail polish that comes in red to resemble the cherry on the top of your ice cream pedicure experience. 

Hot Stone Pedicure

This type of pedicure is less a pedicure and more of a foot massage. Pedicures are not always about beautifying the nails; some kinds, such as hot stone pedicures, are designed to soothe the tired muscles of your feet. Hot stones are used to apply a warm and relaxing tension to the pressure points of your feet. It also incorporates aromatic essential oils for an added relaxation experience. If you feel heavy pressure on your feet, this may be the best option for alleviating the pain.

Key Takeaway

Now with so many kinds of pedicures presented to you, we hope that this article has helped you identify which are the ones that will best meet your ideal foot treatment. Remember, getting a pedicure is a great way to pamper yourself without feeling guilty about the expense, as you will not be expected to spend too much money.

Maintaining your feet clean and toenails trimmed with a dash of fresh color coating, you will always feel confident wherever you may be headed to.