Polygel Lifting: Prevention And Causes

Do you always want those presentable and beautiful nails? Perhaps you heard about polygel nails, as it is gaining its popularity as the newest nail improvement these days.

Yes, it truly looks so pretty, but have you experienced polygel nails that keep on popping off? In today’s blog, you will get a better understanding of why poly gel lifting happens and learn ways on how to prevent it. 

Polygel Lifting Prevention And Causes

 Why Does Polygel Lift?

Since the poly gel is new to the nail industry, there are issues that those who want to try must know; the poly gel lifting or the popping off of nails. Understandably, some nail professionals were not that familiar with this service to nails yet. But then many people, especially girls, would like to try it or even buy a poly gel set for starters to try on their own. 

However, mistakes can happen if you do things your way, especially if you don’t have professional preparation. That said, poly gel lifting is likely to happen. Perhaps your nail technician hasn’t prepared enough or might not apply it properly. But before that, let us determine the causes first, so you know why it happens and prevent it from happening again. 

Slip solution isn’t totally dry 

One of the reasons why poly gel nails pop off right away is because the slip solution isn’t completely dry. Your nail technician must dry it off to not hinder the seal between the base coat and poly gel nails. Therefore, if these newly formed seals remain weak and still need time to be in place, then it’s bound to lots of bending from the procedure of shaping the nail tips. 

And since the slip solution is alcohol-based, it would be needed, so the poly gel will not stick against the nail brush. You should wait until you see that the slip solution is dry before pressing it on your nails. Because if not, the poly gel nails would be weak and may break and lift or even fall off prematurely. 

Polygel nails experience too much bending 

If it’s your first time to have a poly gel nail, you wouldn’t know how to file yet an elongated nail tip on your fingers. Now, as you try on filing new tips into shape, there would be too much bending on the new ones. If this happens, it could weaken the seals right before you have time to set it properly. 

The loose seas will not be able to keep the poly gel nails stay for a long time, not even a day. If these two mistakes were made, it might cause polygel lifting or might break off your nails right away. 

There is no proper nail preparation 

Whether it’s you who is putting your gel nails on or a nail technician from a nail spa, proper and basic knowledge is needed, especially in preparing the application of gel nails. 

Because any kind of artificial enhancement that you put on your nails, like acrylics, dip powder, acrylics, and even poly gel nails, it must have proper preparation to pull it off the right way. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your effort, time, and money. You may also lose interest in these poly gel nails, thinking it would be too hard to have them. 

No mastery of the procedure 

Polygel nails may keep on lifting because you could not master the technique on how to apply the poly gel on a dual form. This is in the way of stress points, and the apex has free edges. 

Poly gels are thin 

Lastly, poly gel nails may keep breaking at the tips when they are too thin or application isn’t enough. If this is the case, it might break your nails time after time. 

 How Do You Fix Polygel Lifting? 

Now that you know why poly gel keeps falling off, this time, you will know what are the things to do to prevent it. You can follow some tips so your polygel nails could last and ways to fix your nails when it keeps on lifting. 

  • See to it that your nails or the nail surface area are free from oily substances or liquid substances like lotion or cuticle oil right before you make it through. Through this, it would keep the gel staying in the nail surface better and to keep it long-lasting. 
  • Make use of nail primers when a poly gel nail keeps on popping off. And if you’re applying poly gel nails on your own, you may apply it with a nail prepper to remove oil or any dirt. 
  • Application to the nail surface should be made lightly and not harshly. And right before the application, you may rough up the whole surface. This will prevent even just a little smooth part on your nails before applying the gel. 
  • Always choose the appropriate size of your dual forms. Make use of a fit or a bigger one, and file it with its size to prevent lifting or popping. 
  • Consider applying PH balance and nail dehydrator solution and just let it dry. 
  • Avoid using too much slip solution when you’re forming the gel on dual forms, as too much could cause lifting or popping. Also, always see to it that there will be bubbles between the nail top and poly gel nails. 
  • Putting and adding more poly gel to the tips to come up with an apex. When you do this, your apex would be thicker and your nails as well. This would be beneficial because you can shape and make them short. 
  • Lastly, consider adding lots of poly gel nails and cure them for a much longer time under the UV or lamp. Also, make use of the appropriate base coat from your poly gel nail kit. Some people will advise that you cure the top part of the nail first and underneath it. You may also cure it longer than what a poly gel nail guide says. 

Application Of Polygels: A Step-By-Step Process 

When it comes to applying poly gel nails, the entire process would be easier. Here are some of the guidelines when applying poly gels to your nails. 

  • Step 1: Nail preparation 

It is important that there is preparation and gets your actual nails to become ready. In preparation, you have to remove dirt, polish, and oil. Next, the nail technician would buff and file until they get rid of the shiny parts of your nails. However, if you are doing it on your own, you may also want to do this process using your materials.

  • Step 2: Applying the poly gel 

Next is the proper application of the poly gel product to your actual nails. This is done by utilizing a small and precise brush. A poly gel would then be applied at the center of the nail, which usually starts with a small ball. 

  • Step 3: Smoothing the formula or product 

Using the brush to moisten the product is intended for poly gel to help make the formula smooth. This will help in covering your entire nail and forming it. 

  • Step 4: Curing the nail 

Next is the curing of your nail under an LED lamp or UV. Once the product is in place, the nail technician will place your fingernails under an LED lamp or UV. This would take around 30 seconds to completely cure. However, sometimes it would vary on the shape you desire. Your nail expert will just repeat the former step to add other details to your nails. 

  • Step 5: Shaping and Filing 

Polygel can be different from other nail enhancement procedures. It is softer, and your nail technician will no longer need to use electronics in shaping it. Instead, using their hands would be just fine, and it’s proven to work. 

Furthermore, during the shaping and filing, it will smooth out uneven bumps or areas, if there are any. It would also help in forming a shape that you desire. However, if it’s not the shape you want, you may just look for it through the internet and see if the nail technicians can achieve it. 

  • Step 6: Finishing touches 

Perhaps you have a preference for your poly gel nails, whether it’s a shiny or matte finish. Your nail technician will put a top layer for them to seal the poly gel and apply the desired finish. 

  • Step 7: Curing the nail

After the finishing touches, you have to cure your nails again under an LED lamp or UV. Know that the great part of poly gel nails is that sticky layers would be less likely on your nails once you’re done curing. This is way different than nail polish. 

  • Step 8: Cuticle oil application

Of course, your manicure will never be complete if you haven’t applied a lotion of cuticle oil. The same is true with poly gel nails; it also needs cuticle application. 


Polygel lifting and popping off nails may be stressful and might discourage you. However, this could be prevented when you spend time and make lots of practice before you master the skill. And if you’re eager to learn and very persistent, the poly gel would be a piece of cake in the long run. But then, you can either do it on your own or have it done by a nail technician. 

In the end, it’s always longevity and keeping your poly gels last. Just follow the guideline mentioned in this blog, and there you will see that poly gel nails are worth it.

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