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Make Press on and Glue on Nails Last: 9 Easy Tips

 Make Press on and Glue on Nails Last: 9 Easy Tips

How often do you want to re-apply your nails? If you are like most people, it is probably at least once a week. But what if there was an easier way?

There are few simple tips that will help make press on and glue on nails last longer. So save yourself time and money by following these 9 easy tips to make press on and glue on nails last longer.

Here 9 Easy Tips to Make Press on and Glue on Nails Last Longer

1 Better Quality Nail Glue

Using a better quality nail glue will increase the lifespan of your press on and glue on nails may be as long as 2-3 weeks when using a high-quality, premium nail glue. If you choose a cheap, low-quality nail lacquer, it is more likely to dry out faster than others and cause problems with adhesion.

Nail Glue is an adhesive used to attach fake nails to one’s own nails. It comes in different “strengths” depending on the brand. A higher number denotes that the glue is stronger/holds better while a lower number denotes that it’s weaker but allows for easier adjustment, removal, and safer for your nails. A “100” in most brands is equal to about a 40 in other brands.

A couple drops of nail glue is usually enough for an average-sized fake nail (for example, press-on type). People with thicker nails may need extra glue around the perimeter of their nails.

2 Shape and Trim Fake Nails Before Applying

A well-manicured nail always looks better than a messy, jagged nail. So before you apply your press on or glue on nails, take a few minutes to trim and shape them into the desired style. This will help them look more natural and last longer.

Also, make sure that you file the edges down to avoid sharp nails.

As a general guideline for press-on and glue on nails: If your nail is too thick or too thin at the tip, it will not adhere properly. Your fake nail should be slightly narrower than your own natural one, but no more so than half a millimeter.

3 Buffing Your Nails

Buffing your nails will make them smooth and shiny. This is important because the adhesive needs a clean, even surface to adhere well. Buff off any ridges or imperfections on your natural nails before applying fake ones. It also gives you an idea of how long they can last by revealing some shine at their bottom edge (which indicates that there is no glue on the edge).

Make Press on and Glue on Nails Last: 9 Easy Tips

4 Before Applying, Clean Your Nails Properly

Before you apply any fake nails, wash and dry your hands thoroughly. Make sure there aren’t any oils on them from lotion or other substances that could interfere with the adhesive adhering to your own nails.

Do not use nail polish remover. This is the biggest mistake most people make! You have to clean your nails by using an acetone-free nail polish remover.

After cleaning the nails with a non-acetone nail polish remover, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water prior to applying glue. For the best results, the nails should be free of any oils or creams. Use a nail file to shape nails into the desired style.

5 Applying it Correctly!

  • Start with the pinky. Use tweezers to gently remove the nail from its tray.  Be careful not to touch your nails. If you desire, use the cuticle stick provided to push back your cuticles.
  • Apply a thin layer of glue onto your natural nail and place it into position on top of the glue using the tweezers.
  • Press down firmly for about 30 seconds to assure proper adhesion on all sides of the press-on nail, especially at the tip.
  • Avoid making contact with skin or cuticles.  If this happens, wipe off any excess glue immediately with a non-acetone nail polish remover soaked cotton pad.
  • To avoid staining, use a nail file to lightly buff the surface of your natural nails.  Apply cuticle oil or cream over your nails.

Be careful when applying lotion to hands, prior to having press-on nails applied, as this may cause adhesion problems.

6 Press-On Nails With a Top Coating

Top coat is not necessary, but it can help your press-on nails last beyond a day.  It gives them a high gloss and prevents snagging or scratching that may occur with long wear (the top coating also protects the nail glue from dust particles).

To apply: After applying fake nails as described above; allow time to dry (recommended wait time is 30 minutes). Apply a thin coat of your chosen topcoat and allow it to dry. If needed, apply an additional coat.

Store unused nails in their original container or in a cool, dark place.

7 Keep Your Nails Away from Extreme Conditions

Avoid exposing your press-on nails to harsh conditions, such as heat and water. This includes:

  • Hot water or hot spa/bath
  • Water submersion (showering)
  • Heat exposure

If you do happen to expose fake nails to these elements, remove them immediately. Clean off glue residue with a non acetone nail polish remover soaked cotton pad.

8 The Shorter Press-On Nails The Better

If you want your press-on nails to last as long as possible, consider using shorter ones.  This will reduce the risk of snagging or chipping and thus extend their life span. Longer nail lengths can bend easily when bumped into things like door knobs, etc.-which is a quick way for them to break!

Nails with rounded tips are more likely to catch or break.  Pointed nails have a smoother edge and don’t catch, so you can wear them for longer time periods without worrying about damaging your natural nail bed.

To avoid catching the nail on something-try using fake tips instead of press-on nails! Fake tip styles come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

You can also file the tips of your nails into a more rounded shape to help them last longer.

 Make Press on and Glue on Nails Last: 9 Easy Tips

9 Choose press-on nails that are appropriate for your nail size.

One way to ensure your nails last longer is to use press-on nails that are the same size as your natural nails. If they’re too big, they may move around and come off; if they’re too small, they might not cover the entire nail bed and could look unnatural.

To get an accurate measurement of your nail size, use a ruler to measure the width and length of your nail beds. Avoid using fake nails that are too long or too short for your nail size- this will help them look more natural and last longer.

If you have shorter nails, try using a press on nails with smaller tips. If you have longer nails, try using a press on nails with larger tips.

If you can not find a pair of presses on nails that fit your natural nails properly, use nail glue or double-sided tape to create a better fit.

Pressing on nails that do not fit properly will cause your natural nails to grow out improperly and can even damage them. If you have a problem finding press on nails that fit your nail bed then use either nail glue or double-sided tape to make them better.


What does nail glue do?

Nail glue is used to attach artificial nails onto natural ones. When you’re ready to take the fake nails off, this adhesive makes it easier for the user to detach the false nail without damaging his or her own natural nails underneath.

Fake nails often give the wearer a longer, more curvaceous nail line and can be used to create different shapes and designs. Depending on the brand of glue you choose, there might even be other benefits such as stronger nails or faster healing time.

How do I use it?

Nail adhesive comes in two forms: liquid and powder. The liquid version, which is most common, typically comes with a brush or dropper for easy application.

While the glue is still wet, the artificial nail is placed on top of it so that both form a bond with each other. Once dried, the false nails are left to stay in place until they’re either removed by another person or ripped off by the wearer.

What should I not do with it?

Some DIY tutorials recommend using nail glue for purposes other than what’s intended. While you can technically use it to make other products stick together, doing so may introduce harmful chemicals to your body. Here are some instances where nail glue shouldn’t be used:

  • On the face or body
  • On the hair
  • To make fake eyelashes stick to your lids
  • As a substitute for lip gloss

Is it possible to use it if my nails are already damaged?

If your nails are already damaged, it is not recommended to use nail glue as it will only make them worse. Wait until your nails have healed before using any type of adhesive. If you’re in a hurry and need fake nails immediately, try looking for a press on nails that don’t require any glue or tape.

Make Press on and Glue on Nails Last: 9 Easy Tips


Pressing on nails is a great way to make your own manicure last longer.  They can be worn for up to 14 days, but the shorter the press-on nails, the less chance you have of snagging or breaking them.

To maintain their appearance and extend their life: avoid harsh conditions (hot water/spa baths, prolonged water immersion, and extreme temperatures)  use tips to prevent snagging or chipping; use the right size press on nails for your nail bed; wear shorter length nails.

This blog post is about making press on & glue on nails last longer by using top coats, not exposing them to harsh conditions such as heat and water, using shorter nails, and keeping them away from dust particles.

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