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Top 6 Best Nail Art Printers Emerging In The Market

Best Nail Art Printers

Are you familiar with nail art printers that print images and designs directly onto your nails? Because of the advancement of technology, women like us will get that stunning nail art in just a push of a button. Nail art machines have become available first in the US, and the internet goes wild over them.

That’s why in today’s blog, you will know more about how nail art printers work. Who knows, one day you will run a business, and nail art printing would be one of them. 

Do Nail Art Printers Work? 

Just like any other machine, nail art printers work if you are using them the right way. You will use it to paint the whole nail completely, and the gel you are going to use must have a milky white finish. It must be able to change the color of any design on its own. That’s why nail art printers are a good investment for salons and spas because they can print images faster than an artist working by hand. 

If you have a spa or business salon, you know how this printer could give you a quick customer turnover. It only requires you little time to figure out how you’re going to use it. That said, many of your customers would love this unique experience, making them refer and tell anyone to try it. 

Is There A Machine That Paints Your Nails? 

There are many ways to simplify personal care, like having your nails done. Through technology and automation, there is already a machine that paints your nails. You only have to stick or place your finger in, press it and wait for a few seconds. Once you remove your finger, there you will see a fully painted and dried nail. To start with, here are the top 5 best nail art printers these days: 

  1. Koizumi Digital Nail Printer 
  2. MXBAOHENG Intelligent Digital Nail Printer 
  3. Brrnoo Mini Nail Art Printer 
  4. Toushi Digital Nail Art Machine 
  5. O’2 Nails Portable Nail Printer 
  6. Kunhewuhua Nail Printer 
Best Nail Art Printers

Discovering Top Nail Art Printers 

With the evolving fashion, nail art is becoming trendy these days. I’m sure that you’re only used to nail arts done by a nail artist. This time, I will walk you through some of the most sought-after nail art printers emerging today. Because we girls believe that good nail art will absolutely look stunning, especially when done right. Check out some of the best nail art printers and understand why it’s best to have them. 

1.     Koizumi Digital Nail Printer 

The Koizumi Digital Nail Art Printer has received so many good reviews from customers. It is always believed to give excellent nail prints, thus one of the good nail printing machines in the market today. It allows you to create customized designs or choose a design from its 300 beautiful default designs. 

Aside from that, the Koizumi Digital Nail printer is always compatible with every operating system. In just a matter of 10 seconds, you will see beautiful nail art result. It is easy and fast, making it one of the reasons why many liked the Koizumi Digital Nail Printer. Plus, it offers a 1-year claimable warranty if it happens to malfunction right away. 

It comes lightweight and handy, so whenever you’re going out with your girlfriends, you can just carry it easily and share this experience with them. Or, you can make money with it, as you can give nail art services with Koizumi Digital Nail Printer anytime and anywhere. 

Pros of Using Koizumi Digital Nail Printer

  • Handy and portable

You will like how easy to carry this nail art printer is. It’s not that bulky, and you can carry it with you wherever you go without stressing over it. It weighs around 3-4 pounds, and it tends to be compact. That said, the Koizumi Digital Nail Printer is just easy to put away when you’re not using it. 

  • It comes with clear instructions

The instructions were never confusing though it comes in Japanese. Once you translate it, you can just follow it. You only have to follow the instructions carefully until you figure out how it works. When you find out how this thing works, it becomes very easy to operate, and many could vouch because many people tested it. 

  •  Affordable 

One good thing about Koizumi Digital Nail Printer is its affordability. This is ideal if you’re just starting with your manicure business. It attracts customers since it’s going to be new to them.  

Drawbacks of Koizumi Digital Nail Printer 

Despite having pros, Koizumi Digital Nail Printer also comes with drawbacks that you need to be aware of. However, these concerns can also be tolerable. Check this out. 

  • Has durability issues

We all know that products can have durability issues if you’re not using them the right way. With Koizumi, as long as you follow the instructions, then you’re good. This nail art printer could last as long as you take good care of it.

  • Prone to Clogging 

This nail art printer could also be prone to clogging. This happened when you were not able to place your finger the right way. So, to avoid clogging, you have to put your nails carefully in the printer.

  • One finger at a time

The Koizumi Nail Art Printer can only print one finger simultaneously, which could slow down the process. But per nail, the average waiting time is 10 seconds and another minute under a UV lamp for curing. 

How to Use Koizumi Digital Nail Printer? 

Just so you know, you don’t have to master the art of using a nail printer machine. Once you set up the Koizumi Digital Nail Printer, here is an easy step to use it. 

  • Step 1: First, have your nails coated with any base color you have. 
  • Step 2: Next, once you applied the base coating, apply the special precoat with the printer and choose your desired design. Know that this printer can execute your own designs well. 
  • Step 3: Next, you can put each of your fingers one by one and wait for 10 seconds before removing. 
  • Step 4: Check if the paint on your finger is sticky. But in all instances, the paint will not be sticky, and you can just clean it easily. 

How Much is a Nail Art Printer Like Koizumi?

Koizumi Digital Nail Art Printer costs around $403-$427. This does not include the replacement ink cartridges, but the cartridges cost $40-$75. You can find this printer on Amazon, as they usually have them in stock. As for the inks, luckily you can buy them from different stores. You just have to know the ink number. 

Best Nail Art Printers

2.     MXBAOHENG Intelligent Digital Nail Printer 

Known for its advanced mechanical design, the MXBAOHENG Intelligent Digital Nail Printer is the first to be introduced outside the US. It can be used for more than 10 hours of continuous printing, even more than 24 hours. It’s budget-friendly, and maintenance is low cost even if it prints several mediums simultaneously. 

You can print pictures on your nails like animals, fruit, flowers, and more. And what’s amazing about the MXBAOHENG Intelligent Digital Nail Printer is its ability to print five nails together. You can also print different designs and pictures on different nails together if you want. For this, a nail art printer can automatically identify the sizes of your nails and print pictures in order. 

Moreover, if you’re on a budget, the MXBAOHENG would be the right one for you because of its low electricity consumption. While it’s working, there will be no harm to your nails and flowers while it’s operating. You can easily apply an alternate style to learn and operate. 

Pros of Using MXBAOHENG Intelligent Digital Nail Printer 

Here are the pretty good things about MXBAOHENG Digital Nail Printer. 

  • Easy to operate 

One good thing about the MXBAOHENG Digital Nail Printer is its easy operation. Even your kid could operate this machine on his own and without hassle. This nail printer can work with any nails and print words and even custom-made pictures. You can also use it to print on your toenails if you want. 

  • Economical 

 Who does not like economic machines? The MXBAOHENG is known for its low-cost consumption. You never have to worry about your electricity bills even if you keep this machine working for 24 hours. 

  • It comes with smart features 

The edge of this nail printer from other printers is its ability to detect your nails’ size automatically. That’s why it is called “Intelligent.” Plus, this nail printer is improved on the base, making it work nicely for your nails.

  • Space-saving

Another good thing about this nail printer is its space-saving feature. One desk is enough for this one as it covers less space to support five fingers or toenails for printing together. This machine comes with an equipped LCD and host computer, so it saves a lot of space. 

Drawbacks of MXBAOHENG Intelligent Digital Nail Printer 

It’s also important that you consider some of the drawbacks that this nail printer could get. Here are some of its drawbacks. 

  • The design is not long-lasting 

There are chances that the design will last much longer. It could last for 10-20 days only with proper care. So, you need to take care of your nails and avoid factors that could erode the design. 

  •  It takes time to print 

Since this machine could print five nails together, the waiting period for the printer would also be longer, so you have to be patient. 

  • A bit pricey 

The cost of the nail printer alone is quite expensive. It does not include the replacement inks or cartridges for the price. 

How Many Prints Can You Get from MXBAOHENG Digital Nail Printer?

The number of nails that can be printed in up to 500-2000 pieces. With that, approximately 200-240 pieces of flower each hour can be printed. 

How Much is a Nail Art Printer Like MXBAOHENG?

MXBAOHENG Intelligent Digital Nail Printer costs around $1699 on Amazon. It could be quite expensive, but the results are great for the price. It can create beautiful designs that you like. The inks can also be bought at any store and available anytime. 

3.     Brrnoo Mini Nail Art Printer 

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Whether a professional or just for personal use, the Brrnoo Mini Nail Art Printer is considered one of the most reliable and practical nail art machines. It’s made of high-quality and durable ABS material, so it’s going to last if you use it properly. That’s why customers worldwide can’t keep their eyes on this product. 

Your kids can use this too because it’s odorless and non-toxic, so it’s proven to be safe for anyone. The material is harmless, so even if you’re not a professional, you are sure that this will be safe. And one good feature that makes this nail printer safe is that it does not need batteries or wires to work and gives you the best designs and lovely patterns. 

Many would consider this as a practical nail art machine because it does not only make your nail look more beautiful, but it can also help you save money. It comes with six pieces of templates and designs that meet your preference. Plus, it provides accurate positioning control and fine workmanship. That’s why many professional salon owners love it, and even those who use it for personal needs. 

Pros of Using Brrnoo Mini Nail Art Printer 

Here are the notable benefits of having the Brrnoo Mini Nail Art Printer. 

  •  Portable and lightweight 

The Brrnoo Nail Art Printer’s mini size makes it easier for the users to carry. Its portability will make it good for customers who are a bit busy and want to have nail artwork fast. 

  • Attractive design 

The girlish design and colors of this nail art printer make it stand out and hit among customers. Whatever you see on the outside is the same as how it prints on the inside. It prints a high-quality design in just a matter of 35 seconds per nail. 

  • Affordable 

This product’s low price makes it accessible to people even for personal use. This is a good starter for anyone who would like to put up a business for nail artwork. You can always get your nails colored at home without breaking the bank. 

  • High-quality 

It comes with a cute and attractive design, made of high-quality plastic material. It meets different demands of buyers, especially in giving them high-quality and lovely patterns. 

  • Better effect 

Despite its small feature, this nail art printer kit provides a clear and deep carving. It gives anyone with a better stamping effect than the normal ones. 

Drawbacks of Using Brrnoo Mini Nail Art Printer 

Here are some of the drawbacks you need to consider when opting for the Brrnoo Mini Nail Art Printer. 

  • Limited designs 

 Unlike other nail art printers, the Brrnoo only offers up to 6 design patterns for your nails only. You can’t have it customized or come up with better designs on your own. However, you can also buy stamping plates for more designs. 

  • Rarely used 

 This nail art printer was usually used for personal use only. Yes, professionals can use it, but since the designs were limited, they would rather try the ones capable of creating a customized design. 

How Much is a Nail Art Printer Like Brrnoo?

Brrnoo Mini Nail Art Printer is very affordable. For only $16-$17, you can get a nail art printer already. This is available on Amazon, and if you want to include nail art stamping plates, you may also include it when you checkout and pay almost $33 for both the printer and plates. 

Best Nail Art Printers

4.     Tuoshi Digital Nail Art Machine 

Renowned for its ecstatic printing technology, the Tuoshi Digital Nail Art Machine will be ideal for business purposes like a nail salon. It enables you to print any picture on your nails, even your photo. It features a unique inkjet technology to ensure a clear and high-resolution print effect. That’s why it’s ideal for commercial purposes rather than for personal use only. 

This printer is large and comes with a 7-inch touchscreen interface. The interface is very easy to understand and allows you to import designs and pictures using wi-fi or USB. You may also pick from any installed patterns that great nail designers design. Aside from that, this printer offers 1000 default designs, so you will never run out of choices when looking for the best design. 

 It is lightweight and portable and can take this nail printer anywhere you like. It would only take 20 seconds to paint one nail, so it’s not that long. And one thing that sets this machine apart from the other products is the UV lamp. It dries out the top gel in as fast as 2 minutes to ensure that the print would last long; no wonder why digital mobile nail art printers are becoming so popular these days. 

 Pros of Using Tuoshi Digital Nail Art Machine 

Here are some of the good things you will like about the Tuoshi Digital Nail Art Machine. 

  • It will not require an app to use 

One of the best things about the Toushi Nail Art Printer is its internal and external computer. You will not need a smartphone for this because it’s considered an all-in-one product. 

  • Less time in printing 

For every 20 seconds, the Toushi Nail Printer could print one nail. This is considered fast, plus additional 2 minutes for curing under its UV lamp. 

  • Easy to find and affordable ink cartridges

You will never have to stress over finding this machine’s cartridge when the ink is up. The cartridges are very easy to find. You can visit Amazon or direct to HP, where you can save a lot of money. Plus, the inks are very affordable, making you realize that this one is cost-effective in the long run. 

  • Lightweight and Portable  

This nail art printer is very easy to carry. This feature is what anyone likes because you can take this whenever you want. This is a great addition to a girl’s party and night out. Or you can just have it in your office and treat your colleagues with free nail art. You always got their backs with this nail art printer. 

  • Can print any nail art image 

From natural and easy designs to complicated ones, this machine gets the job done right all the time. It gives you stylish nail art that will make you stand out from the rest. 

 Drawbacks of Using Tuoshi Digital Nail Art Machine 

 Here are some of the drawbacks of the Toushi Nail Art Machine that need to be addressed. 

  • Image quality is low 

 The quality of the prints was expected to be reduced because it only has 1200 DPI. Images won’t be as clear as any other nail art printers give. 

  • Cartridge refilling is complicated 

 Many users would claim that the refilling process of this printer is a bit complicated. You need to learn a steep process that would take a while before mastering it. However, once you’ve figured out how to replace the cartridge, you’ll just get used to it. 

  • Price is a bit expensive 

Since this nail art printer has its touchscreen interface and computer, both internal and external, it is expected to be expensive. However, the fact that this comes with better features, the price would still be commensurate. 

  • Instructions are quite confusing

Another drawback about the Toushi nail art printer is the instructions that are hard to understand. For the price, it would be better if it comes with clear instructions to use it correctly and prevent it from damaging. 

 How Much is a Nail Art Printer Like Tuoshi?

The Tuoshi Digital Nail Art machine costs almost $1,000. This does not include the shipping fee to your location that costs up to $100. That said, you can get this nail art printer machine on Amazon with lots of good deals and offers. 

5.     O2 Nail Art Printer

If you are looking for a printer that combines nail art and printing technology, perhaps the O2 Nail Art Printer is worth trying. This nail art printer would enable you to print photos and pictures of your nails. It is going to be perfect for beginners, as this is very easy to use, and it’s controlled by an app that is available for both Android and Apple users. 

With this, you don’t have to do much work beforehand, and you only need to do some basic manicure care for your nails. You just have to apply the base color gel and base gel as your background, and you’re all set to print your desired template or design with an O2 nail art printer.  

It would only take 40 seconds for you to print the entire picture. One good thing about this nail art is its 800 nail art designs. You can get these designs from the app’s gallery to select whatever design you like. Also, the design team will upload new designs to the app every week, which you can download for free. 

Furthermore, the O2 Nail Art Printer comes with a higher DPI. This simply means that you’re going to get a high-resolution design. It has a unique inkjet printing technology to ensure that it will give you clear print effects all the time. 

 Pros of Using O2 Nail Art Printer 

 Here are some of the advantages of the O2 Nail Art Printer that you’re going to like. 

  • It has a friendly user interface 

This is a tested product that stands out from others because of its friendly user interface. It features amazing and sophisticated software that is very easy to understand. When you put your finger, this nail art printer recognizes your nails and adjusts the image to fit onto your nails. 

  • Works well on the app 

Whether you’re an IOS or Android user, the O2 would allow you to print images, and the possibilities are endless. You just have to upload the image to your O2 app on your phone and print it right away. Plus, the app gets updated with new designs every week. 

  • Prints clear images 

 The prints done with the O2 nail art printer are worth the praise because it allows you to print sharp and clear images. With 2400 DPI, it stands for dots per inch, and this metric is the same as how the clarity of videos in pixels was measured. Thanks to its new nail art technology, all prints are sure to be a hit. 

  • Widely used 

By far, the O2 printer is one of the most popular nail art printers on the market. This simply means that many users tested this machine, and after thorough analysis, they concluded that this one is great. In addition, the information and parts would be much easier to find. 

  • Lightweight and convenient to carry 

Many customers also liked how this nail art printer is built. They praised its lightweight and small size, making it convenient and highly portable.

 Drawbacks of Using O2 Nail Art Printer 

There’s not much concern with O2 Nail art printers, but it’s helpful that you know some of the issues raised by other users. 

  • One finger at a time 

One possible drawback about the O2 Nail art printer is that it can’t print five fingers simultaneously. You need to spend more time since the printer is by finger. 

  • Requires restarting 

Another concern about the O2 Nail art printer is that it requires to be restarted at times. Perhaps if it becomes overused, you need to restart it back once again. 

How Much is a Nail Art Printer Like O2?

The O2 nail art printer costs around $850-$900. You can get them on Amazon along with its ink cartridge replacements. 

6.     Kunhewuhua Nail Printer 

Kunhewuhua Nail Printer is going to be a good choice for personal and professional use. It may be a bit costly if it is for personal use, but if you’re going to use this for commercial purposes like salon business, then this one’s for you. And just so you know, the Kunhewuhua nail printer is more than just an industrial nail art machine. 

The Kunhewuhua can transform your imagination into reality, of course, with endless possibilities. It comes with a large touchscreen where you can browse images and designs you opt for your nails. There are also added features like cutting or editing images and selecting specific texts. Moreover, this machine is not only for your nails, but it could also get your toenails done. 

It would only take you 1 minute to print your design of choice on all your five fingers. And we guarantee you that the print would last long and will not come off easily. You will also like its easy-to-use interface, which even a child can operate on their own. 

Furthermore, this product is praised by many worldwide. The fact that the printer comes with a recognition feature is making it unique and smart. Other than that, this printer can also add texts in the pattern, and the nail art machine offers wi-fi connectivity for endless templates and designs. It truly gives a futuristic vibe in the printing industry. 

 Pros of Using Konhewuhua Nail Printer 

 Here are some of the notable features that you will like about the Konhewuhua Nail Printer. 

  • Can print five fingers together 

 Unlike other nail art printers, the Konhewuhua Nail Printer can instantly print your five fingers in one go. This feature is ideal for customers who like to make their nails look good but are always in a hurry. In just a matter of 60 seconds, you can get your nails done already. 

  • Does not need an app to operate 

 One good feature about the Konhewuhua nail printer is that it has its own computer. There is a touch screen display, so you will not need a phone or computer to use it. 

  • Can also print on Toenails 

Only a few nail art printers can print toenails, but this one is a powerhouse. It was built with a large entrance that could fit your feet in. It allows the printer to print onto your toenails easily. You can always accommodate clients who want nail arts from their fingers and toenails. 

  • It comes with automatic recognition and cleaning function 

Another great thing about this nail art printer from Konhewuhua is its smart and automatic recognition. Its overall functionality is exceptional, and it comes with a cleaning function that other printers don’t have. 

Drawbacks of Konhewuhua Nail Printer 

 Even if this product is loved by many, it’s also important to state a few offsetting points. 

  • Ink runs out quickly 

Understandably, the ink would run eventually after frequently using the nail printers. But the Konhewuhua nail printer would require several ink replacements. However, just note how long-lasting the prints would be, making the ink run dry quickly. 

  • Relatively larger size 

One of the flaws which you can’t ignore with this device is its large size. It’s difficult sometimes to handle, but you can always consider it one of the bizarre digital nail printers. 

  • Expensive 

Given its great features and services, it is understandable that this nail art printer is a bit pricey. That’s why it’s not that ideal if you’re going to use it for personal use only. It would be better to use it for commercial purposes. 

How Much is a Nail Art Printer like Konhewuhua?

The ink cartridge for Konhewuhua would cost around $85-$90. The machine, however, is a bit pricey, that would reach up to $900. Both the ink cartridge and machine are found on Amazon. 

What is the Best Nail Art printer?

Out of all the 6 nail art printers reviewed in this article, the top-notched would be the Konhewuhua Nail Art Printer Machine. Why? Because of its best features, especially its ability to print five nails on your fingers simultaneously.

And even if it’s a bit pricey, you would know that it comes with a great value for the price. However, the other five products are still the best, and you just have to figure out which is the one for you, based on your needs and preferences, and of course, your budget. 

Best Nail Art Printers


Machines like nail art printers are must-haves if you want to maintain lovely fingers but don’t have enough time to do them on your own. If you are a salon owner, you will find this very helpful as it instantly prints excellent and aesthetic designs and pictures that would supplement a customer’s style and make-up. 

Now that you know what the top-notched nail art printers in the market are, I hope you can now choose which one works for you. Of course, there are many factors to consider before investing in nail art printers, like knowing your customers if they’re up for a unique way of printing their nails. That way, you would know if it’s going to be a hit. 

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