What Is A Pedicure: Benefits Explained

So you feel like pampering yourself and get that ‘me time’ you’ve always wanted. May it be a massage, hair makeover, manicure, and even getting a pedicure. So you’ve got your hands to look great because of the manicure, but what about your feet? Just so you know, pedicures have been around for some time. 

Both men and women do this one way of caring for our feet; that’s why it’s gaining massive popularity these days. That’s why in today’s blog, you will know more about what is a pedicure and the complete process.

What Is A Pedicure - A Better Understanding

Understanding A Pedicure 

Despite the massive popularity of spas and nails salons because of the high demands for a pedicure, you would still end up asking yourself about what it is. Perhaps you haven’t tried it yet, or you are curious how it feels like getting a pedicure, especially guys, who sometimes consider pedicures for women only. 

So what is a pedicure? Pedicure is known as a treatment you give for your feet. This procedure helps you remove dead skin, soften your hard skin, as well as shaping your toenails. If you have your fingernails done with a manicure, just think of it as a manicure to your toes. This is one of the best feelings; when you get a good foot treatment at least once in a while. 

But for pedicure procedures, it varies from the kind of polish to give a massage, so it’s always important that you should have the right pedicure for your needs. So to make it easy for you to understand, a pedicure is like a beauty treatment of your toenails and feet. And though it comes with different types of pedicure procedures, it still takes place in a nail salon or a spa. 

Perhaps, you may think of it as a luxurious treatment, but actually, it’s not. It’s a necessity to always keep good hygiene. For some reason, your feet must experience indulgence, just like what pedicure treatments give. And as a customer in a nail spa, you will likely get the following when you sit in a chair: 

  •  A nice and warm foot soak to relax and soften your toenails and skin
  • A lower leg and foot massage while applying a moisturizer 
  •  A foot scrub to eliminate flaky, dry skin and calluses through using a foot file, pumice stone, or other tools 
  • A careful procedure of filing and trimming the toenails 
  • Treatment for nail cuticle like the cuticles pushed back while the healthy cuticle is used to apply 
  • Applying a toenail, base-coat, and topcoat polish, following a quick nail drying (optional) 

Why People Prefer Getting A Pedicure?: Benefits And Advantages 

It’s undeniable that pedicures are one of the best pampering and relaxing experiences. Yes, you enjoy going out and about, and it’s always better to go out when you’re confident with your feet. That said, your feet must not only be pleasing to the eyes, but they must also be healthy and groomed. 

And though there are people who feel like being insecure about their toes or feet, getting a pedicure will give you that kind of boosting experience and confidence. This is why it leads us to the benefits of a pedicure. So read down below to know about the benefits of a pedicure. 

 It maintains healthy nails 

The best part of getting a pedicure is not only trimming your nails properly. It could also help you maintain healthy nails. Just think about how challenging it could be when you cut your nails on your own, but with a skilled pedicurist, you will get that nice trimming, and it’s sure to let your nails grow shapely and nicely. 

Help with blood flowing 

Did you know that pedicures could help your blood flow? When you experience cold weather in your location, you can always do proper circulation of your blood through pedicure. In addition, you will have your feet in a relaxing warm bath and feet soaking. What’s great is that they’re using fragrance oils to make you feel divine. 

Heals pain

Pedicures help in healing pain in your feet. Though it’s not always totally healing everything, it would still give you the best feeling you’ve always wanted. It’s way better when a registered massage therapist will help in stroking parts of your feet. That way, it alleviates physical pain and relieves any signs of anxiety. If this happens, it will promote better sleep. 

Will not rip your stockings 

Are you tired of stockings getting ripped off because of your uneven and sharp-shaped nails? Most women have this funny encounter with their tights or stockings, as they’ve gone a little between self-grooming and pedicures. If you get a pedicure, then perhaps it will prevent you from tearing your stockings off. It will help you save money in the long run. 

It helps boost your confidence 

Gone are the days when you can’t wear open sandals or walking bare feet in other’s places. Getting a pedicure will satisfy you and would always make you feel good and confident. Because for some reason, you can’t prevent people from staring down your feet. It’s so nice to know that you don’t need to hide your feet, just because it doesn’t look nice. With pedicures, you can always flaunt it and wear slippers and sandals all you want!

It prevents feeling sandpaper on your feet 

We all know that calluses happen and are sometimes inevitable. It would even occur when you’re not getting a regular pedicure or giving your precious feet a lot of attention. However, this is fine if you think you don’t need to or if you already have your practices at home to prevent it. 

But when it does, it can be a little annoying when you slip into your bed at night. You will suddenly realize that you have spiky skin. It removes your hard skin with regular pedicures and will leave you having that baby’s soft feet all the time. 

Early detection of problems 

When you get pedicures regularly, your therapist can somehow check and see potential problems with your feet. They will know if it is a fungal infection or corn. Yes, they aren’t the ones who will treat them, but at least you will know about it and get yourself checked by a doctor earlier. This will prevent you from worsening the problem, and it would be easier for doctors to treat you. 

Types Of Pedicure

There are different types of pedicure services, usually depending on the pedicurist or the nail spa. If you’re planning to get a pedicure sooner than later, I think it’s best that you know what type of pedicure is for your needs. Read down below to be familiar with pedicures. 

Intensive Paraffin Wax Procedure 

This type of pedicure will get your nails rubbed by warm wax. Not only your nails, but it also includes your lower legs and feet. This way, it helps to soften and moisturize your feet and legs. 

French Pedicure

The French pedicure is the classic type that uses nail varnishes. The white polish is also being applied on your toenails’ edges before the pedicurist coats your nails off with nude or pink color. Furthermore, the nail varnish could help whiten the squares and tip of your toenails. 

 Shellac or Gel Pedicure 

This type of pedicure is having a clear and colored gel bonded to your nails through UV light. This is done to have that long-lasting and glossy finish to your nails. 

 Luxurious Pedicure 

This is perhaps a whole-foot treatment, and it usually includes a massage. The pedicurist will use paraffin wax, heated towels, or even a wrap to warm and soothe your feet. Luxurious pedicure also helps in hydrating and softening your nails. 

What Does It Feel Like When Getting A Pedicure?

So, I know many of you are curious about what you will feel when getting a pedicure. Of course, when you’ve never experienced a pedicure before, you imagine that it’s going to be painful and weird. But, on the other hand, some might also describe it as ticklish, and some would say it’s relaxing.

To know what it feels like when having a pedicure, here are some of the things you should know. 

Soothing; yet feel like having Goosebumps 

When you get your feet dipped in warm water, you feel very relaxed but get that tingling sensation at the same time. This is the first step in any pedicure, and there’s no other way to do it than placing your feet in warm water. But what’s best is that all your worries and stress will flow out of your feet and will make you fall into a deep slumber. 

Welcoming and warm 

You should know that most salon professionals will always greet you when you enter the nails spa or salon. They will ask you to choose your desired color for your toenails, lead you to your chair, and give you something to drink. Through this, you will feel pampered already. How much more when you’re in the actual pedicure procedure. 

Hesitant and Unsure 

Almost all people getting their nails done feel anxious and hesitant, especially if it’s their first time. When they start clipping away your toenails and filing them to perfection, you might feel the urge to pull back your foot. What you’re going to do if this happens is to trust your pedicurist. 

They are skilled professionals, and they’ve been in the business for years and have this work every day. Just keep in mind that the result will be worth it. One day, when you regularly have pedicures, you will just get used to it. 

You will feel tickled 

Let’s admit it; no matter how cool you think you are, you will still feel tickled whenever people touch your feet. This is true, especially when you have calluses and dead skins being scrubbed off using a foot file or pumice stone. Of course, it makes you feel good, but there is always a slight ticklishness that you will feel. 

Relaxed and pampered 

The leg and foot massage that usually comes along with pedicures is always a sought-after experience. No wonder why people would rather put themselves in this good ‘torture’ state when trimming the nails or removing calluses. It’s something you would always want to do every day. 

You will be impressed 

Whether you’re done with the pedicure or decide to go on with toenail polishing, you can’t help but be impressed. When you look down at your feet, you can tell that pedicures are always worth it. It soothes your feet, and you will feel better than before. Furthermore, you will get that soft, smooth, and clean feeling all the time. 

Can Men Get Pedicures As Well? 

Perhaps you’re a bit shocked at how many times this kind of question is asked. Yes, of course, men can get pedicures. Contrary to the usual belief, pedicures aren’t just intended for women. Many professionals recommend that men should also get pedicures as part of their foot care routine. However, not enough men do this. But since many have known about its benefits already, men, too, will consider it, as it’s a foot treatment that will help them maintain healthy feet. 

Pedicure prevents foot issues like heel fissures, calluses, and ingrown toenails. You should know that pedicures are not just about getting splash and fancy colors on your toes. Pedicures will always give you healthy feet since your feet could get exhausted all the time, regardless if you’re a boy or a girl. So yes, it doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl; a pedicure is a must and will help you in the long run. 

Key Takeaway 

Having a pedicure has a lot to offer. From having a pleasant toenail to maintaining healthy and smooth skin in your feet, pedicure always has benefits. Just have this kind of skincare on your feet and nails once in a while, and you will see how it could make you become a better person. It’s a necessity that most of us fail to realize. And since you already have an idea about what is a pedicure, I hope you consider getting it for yourself. 

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