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What Nail Shape is The Strongest: Your Excellent Pick

What Nail Shape is The Strongest: Your Excellent Pick

Shaping nails is always so much fun. You could shape your nails no matter if you have natural or acrylic nails. Let’s say you go to the salon to get your nails done. “What shape do you want your nails to be?” is one of the questions you will be asked. And we wouldn’t be surprised if this question leaves you completely stymied because you just weren’t prepared for it! This question is related to, “What nail shape is the strongest?”, so you may decide on what shape you will choose.

Color, yes. We admit it’s the nail color that adds a lovely sheen to your nails and gives them a gorgeous finishing touch that will make your nails look so darn good. But did you know that the shape of your nails also matters? Yes! Just ask any manicurist or your friend who is just good at these things. The shape of your nails is the cornerstone for curating beautiful nails. 

This could be an overwhelming decision, particularly if you are ill-prepared for it! The nail shape you pick should complement the color or design you decide to go with. The perfect nail shape is one that not just accentuates the length of your nail but the shape of your finger and the nail bed width. Plus, don’t forget- the right nail shape for you will allow you to carry on your everyday work without your nails getting in the way. You should consider how strong the shape of your nails are and how suited it is to whatever everyday activity you perform to get the best out of them. 

There are several options you have at hand – square, rounded, oval, almond, squoval, stiletto, and coffin (or ballerina). Naturally, few nail shapes are stronger than others. Yes, some come apart easily and are easily breakable whereas others are stronger and therefore more durable.

In this guide, we will elaborate on which nails are the strongest so that you can choose one that best suits your everyday lifestyle. Let’s look more into the strongest of these nail shapes so that you can pick one depending on how long you want your nails to last, how often you can visit your manicurist, your budget and what amount of time you can spare for getting your nails done, your lifestyle. 

 The right nail for you will depend entirely on the shape of your finger, the width of your nail bed and the length of your nails. 

What Nail Shape is The Strongest?

Considering that there are several nail shapes, you may be wondering what shape has got to do with nail strength and what some of the strongest nail shapes are.

Whether you are going with natural or acrylic nails, it only makes sense that you have to limit the areas where there is a possibility that the structure of your nail can become weak. Naturally, shorter nails translate to increased nail strength. 

So, these are some of the strongest nail structures.

  • Square-shaped nails
  • Squoval-shaped nails
  • Oval and round-shaped nails.
  • Almond-shaped nails.

The first three options are ideal for natural nails and the last one for almond-shaped nails.

Let’s take a closer look at the different nail shapes and see why the shapes we have listed above are some of the strongest.

Square-shaped Nails

Square-shaped nails look exactly like a square. This means no soft rounded points or edges. Now why square nails are strong is that there is less surface area. When there is less nail spanning the entire length and width of your nail tip, there is less possibility of breakage. This shape is ideal for shorter nails. 

You can expect straight edges and squared-off tips with these nails. Have long, slim fingers and you are someone who has a lot of work to do with your hands? Then consider going with square-shaped nails for your next manicure. If you have short, thick fingers though, it may look a bit stubby. 

The straight edges lend resistance and strength to the nails and are more durable than some of the other nail options out there. However, as your nails grow ( as they tend to!), there are chances that you may break the edges. It is particularly true if you are someone who tends to use your hands a lot. Moreover, forget drumming your hands against the surface of your table often! You need to pay extra attention when you are about to wear silky fabrics, or you may inadvertently end up putting a hole in them! Why? The silky fabrics could end up catching the edges of the nails!

What Nail Shape is The Strongest: Your Excellent Pick

Oval and round-shaped nails:

Oval is one of the strongest nail shapes. When it comes to the oval-shaped nails, there are no edges as such. No edges mean less chance that these nails will break. Moreover, these nails look nicely balanced and elegant.

These shapes ensure the stability of the nail together with an elegant appearance. The best part with these shapes is that no matter the length of your manicure, you can still sport them and rock the elegant look! And there is a dash of magic in these nails which make wider nail beds appear slimmer and shorter fingers appear nice and long! No wonder this chic and classically feminine shape is perfect for the catwalk or ramp! 

And you know what, we’re not going to caution you about anything when it comes to stuff you should and shouldn’t be doing when you have these nails. Just go ahead and tap the nails against your desk if you feel like hearing that satisfying click every so often, or even shoving your fingers into your purse or bag without having to worry about your nail breaking. 


Apparent from the name, Squoval is a mix between square and oval-shaped nails. It is the best of both worlds in that the square edges of the square nails are still there but then, it is rounded out for a softer look. They are suited for all finger shapes and manicure lengths, which is one reason they are super-popular. 

They are stronger and more durable than square-shaped nails as the edges are not that prominent. Plus, you have the durability of the oval shape. The edges will not catch on to stuff, so have no qualms in wearing silky stuff or sticking your hands into/against tight surfaces. But that does not mean you have to completely throw caution to the winds and be careless when using your fingers. There is still some possibility for breakage because the edges are very much there. 

Almond-shaped nails

What makes almond-shaped nails some of the best for acrylic nails is that there are no corners or edges. Slender on the sides, wide on the base, and finishing in a peak at the apex- these nails borrow their name from the nut they resemble – almonds, of course!

Are thick fingers or wider nail beds your bane and you are looking for a nail shape that will get you to cover those? Almond-shaped nails to the rescue! They make even thick fingers appear graceful and slender, giving the illusion of extra length. These nails though need some length for strength, and for being noticeable. So, consider growing your natural nails longer or getting gel polish or acrylic tips. Some routine tasks like uncorking a can of soda, opening a package, picking stuff from off the ground or removing buttons of your shirt quickly can be quite a chore with these nails!

What are the nail Shapes to Avoid?

If you have read till now, you would have caught on that shorter, rounder nails are more stable. If you can keep them this way, your nails will last longer and they will be more healthy as well. If nail strength is an important consideration, then are some of the shapes you MUST avoid!

  • Stiletto – one of the longest nail shapes with sharp corners, contact with any surface will damage these nails. So, you need to be very, very careful to maintain them in prime condition.
  • Ballerina/Coffin nails – very similar to stiletto nails, the one difference between these and stiletto is that coffin-shaped nails have squared-off tips. These are shaped exactly like the slippers of a ballerina. These are not the nails you should be going with if strength is a priority!
What Nail Shape is The Strongest: Your Excellent Pick


Before opting for a nail shape, take a nice, hard look at your fingers to see if they are long and slender, or short and chunky. This will play a role in determining what nail shape is best suited for your fingers. Another important consideration will be whether you are looking for nails that are low maintenance or whether you are getting a manicure for some special occasion. You should choose a nail shape depending on how you want your fingers to look and what you do with your life every single day. 

Moreover, your hands should be healthy and well-hydrated. So, you should take good care of your skin and follow a healthy, balanced diet and pre and post moisturization routine like applying lotions, staying hydrated, dabbing on cuticle oil to moisturize and soothe your nails. 

The strongest nails are round or oval, squoval, round and then almond. The next time you are at the salon, you know exactly what shape to go with now that you know what the different nail shapes are and how strong and durable they actually are! Good luck!

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