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Why Gel Polish Peel Off My Acrylics: Essential Tips

Why Is My Gel Polish Peeling Off My Acrylic: Essential Tips

This is a question that has been asked by both new and experienced nail technicians. Understanding the chemistry behind acrylic-gel polish interaction will help you find an answer to this common question, “Why Is Gel Polish Peel Off My Acrylics“? Acrylic nails are made of liquid monomers, polymers, solvents and pigments which react with acetone in gel polishes to create a “cure” for your nails.

When the manicure is completed, it lasts up to 3 weeks! If your gel polish is peeling off after just one or two days of wear then there may be something wrong with either the product or your application process.

What causes gel polish to wear off of acrylic? (Why Gel Polish Peel Off My Acrylics?)

There are a few reasons why your gel polish may be peeling off of acrylic:

Improper application: If you are not careful when applying your gel polish, it can easily peel off. Make sure to avoid any bubbles and apply a thin coat.

Using old or expired products: Gel polishes have a limited shelf life, so make sure to check the expiration date before using them.  If you are using a gel polish that is old or expired, then it can easily peel off your acrylic.

Improper curing: Make sure to fully cure the top coat for 30 seconds in between each layer of application and use a LED/CFL lamp if necessary. If your nails have not been thoroughly cured before applying another layer, then it can easily peel off.

Using the wrong lamp: If you are using a traditional UV lamp to cure your gel polish, then it will not work and you will see peeling after just a few days. Use an LED or CFL lamp instead.

Incorrect product: Sometimes, gel polishes just don’t work well with acrylic. If you have tested your product on a small area of nail and still experience peeling, then it may be time to switch brands.

Oil build-up: If you are using lotions or creams on your hands frequently, then it can cause the gel polish to peel off. Make sure to wash your hands before applying your nails and avoid using oils or lotions while they are wet.

Excessive acetone use: When removing your gel polish, you need to be careful not to remove too much acetone. If you are constantly removing your gel nail polish, then that will cause the product to weaken and peel off more easily.

Excess moisture: Make sure that when applying acrylic on natural nails, there is no excess moisture present before curing it with a lamp. If this step is skipped, then it can prevent the two products from sticking together.

Using a new gel polish: If you are using an old or expired bottle of gel polish, make sure to shake it well and test on a small area before applying your nail. Also remember that if the brush seems dry, then add in some monomer (thinner) to help thin out the product.

If all else fails: In most cases, gel polish will not peel off if the above tips are followed closely.  However, if after trying everything you still see peeling, then you may need to switch brands.

Why Is My Gel Polish Peeling Off My Acrylic: Essential Tips

What are the tips to take in order to prevent gel polish from peeling off of acrylic?

If you are looking to prevent your gel polish from peeling off of your acrylic nails, there are a few things that you can do:

  • First, make sure that you are using a quality gel polish and nail primer. Additionally, be sure to use a good-quality top coat and make sure that your nails are completely dry before applying it.
  • It is important to avoid filing the edges of your nails when they are wet. If you file them while they are still wet, it can cause them to lift and peel off, so be sure to let them dry completely before filing.
  • It’s also very beneficial to use a nail primer along with your base coat in order to provide a protective barrier between your nails and the gel polish. This will help it to last longer, as well as resist peeling or chipping.
  • It’s also a good idea not to apply any lotions, sunscreen, oils, etc. on your hands before applying the gel polish because this can cause it to lift and peel off faster. Be sure to use a good-quality hand lotion after you’ve finished your manicure to keep your hands hydrated.
  • If you are using a gel polish that is not of high quality, it’s likely to start peeling off sooner than if you were using a better quality polish. Additionally, if you are not using a good-quality top coat, it is more likely to lift and peel off. You should always make sure that your top coat is completely dry before you apply any lotions or oils on your hands.
  • If your nails are filed too thin due to a gel manicure, they will be weaker and more prone to splitting and peeling. If you have extremely thin nails, it is best to avoid gel polish altogether and stick to regular nail polish.

There are a few things that you can do in order to help prevent your gel polish from peeling off of your acrylic nails. By following these tips, you can ensure that your manicure will last longer and look great!

What should you do if gel polish starts peeling?

If your gel polish starts peeling, there are a few steps that you can take in order to fix the problem:

Step 1 – Remove all of the gel polish: Start by removing all of the gel polish from your nails using acetone.

Step 2 -File and shape your nails: File and shape your nails into their desired shape.

Step 3 -Apply a thin layer of primer: Apply a thin layer of primer on your nails and let it dry.

Step 4 -Apply a base coat: Apply a thin layer of your chosen gel polish as the base color and cure for 30 seconds under an LED or CFL lamp. Make sure to use just one drop!

Step 5 -Cure each additional layer of gel polish: Repeat this process two more times until your gel polish is no longer peeling. Make sure to let each layer cure for 30 seconds before applying another coat.

Step 6 -Apply a top coat: Apply a topcoat and then cure under the LED/CFL lamp again until it’s dry. Your nails should now be fully protected from any water or contact with oils, lotions, and chemicals.

If the problem persists, you may need to switch brands of gel polish.

Why Is My Gel Polish Peeling Off My Acrylic: Essential Tips

Final Thought

If you are experiencing peeling with your gel polish, it is likely because of your acrylics. There are several things that you can do to help prevent this from happening, including using a good quality base coat and top coat, making sure your nails are properly cleaned and filed before application, and avoiding excessive use of acetone. Therefore, if you are looking for a long-lasting manicure, it is best to avoid using gel polish altogether and stick to traditional acrylics.

However, if you are set on using gel polish, make sure to take the necessary precautions to help prevent peeling. And if all else fails, remember that there is always nail polish remover!

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